I am having trouble getting thumbnails from external websites (such as from youtube videos) to show up in my instance.

Originally I built the docker image using the default iframely.config.local.js configuration file, using:

    // For embeds that require render, baseAppUrl will be used as the host.

    baseAppUrl: "https://mander.xyz",
    relativeStaticUrl: "/r",

    // Or just skip built-in renders altogether


In an attempt to fix the thumbnails, I have changed this to false, and ran docker-compose down/up, but nothing changed. Should this be enough to change the settings of the config file? Or should I completely remove the docker images and re-make them?

This approach did not work, and I am having problems trying to identify the root cause.


It shouldnt be necessary to change anything in the iframely config, we are also using the defaults. But I heard that there can be random problems with it, which can be fixed by restarting with docker-compose restart iframely.


Alright, thanks! I will update to v0.10.0 now and restart iframely.

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