Introducing How We Win, a Socialist Strategy for the 2020s | Novara Media

In this six-part, week-long series, James Schneider sets out a blueprint for the next decade.

James Schneider from the socialist left of UK’s Labour party made a article series about organizing strategies for UK socialists. There is some good ideias, and I would like do discuss them.

The articles: Intro







I really agree that left leaders have to be more “showman”, talk more to the heart os people but the main problem is that the capitalist media actively boycott left leaders, making them unknown to large parts of population. The article solution, of tuning discourse’s tone, don’t really tackle this question, and we need to find a good solution.

Left wing media outlets still frail, and unable to reach large audiences. The social networks are ads sellers, and money pouring on think tanks and right wing disseminators make the internet a somewhat hostile place too. How can we overcome the communication challenges?


(To make discussion more coherent, I will put only one pint on each comment)

First, I like the strategy campaigning popular radical platforms to force party elites to adopt them, but as we saw on the US’s minimum wage debate, this can be rather ineffective. Schineider’s group, like Democrats’ DSA, is a party minority.

So, this strategy must be used mostly to build dissatisfaction with party elites and mobilize people to join the party to take it over, not to really get this implemented. To build dissatisfaction without damaging party image on the electorate is necessary for the socialist faction to have a strong public identity, and the campaigning for radical platforms to be made with this faction identity.

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