Can we first get DDG to become the most used search engine before we make new ones?


Are we even sure we want duckduckgo? It’s basically just a bing frontend.


Try Qwant. I like it more than ddgo.


which also uses bing, yes it has it’s own crawler but most of the results are from bing.

No, they have indexed quite a lot since the Bing partnership that started long ago. And they seem to be doing pretty well, considering I like their results better than Google for academia.


Can you give a source to the doing well with the index? Everything I’ve read is leaving me thinking most still comes from Bing. Also is the 150 results limit gone? As much as I’d like to see Qwant succeed the owners clearly don’t know what they are doing unfortunately.

You can refer to the Qwant AMAs at reddit, and trying to make a bunch of searches with Bing (via Searx), Bing, and Qwant. This should give you a solid idea. I have been using Qwant for more than a year now, since my Startpage exposé on reddit.


I believe I switched to Qwant after I read your commentary on Startpage. It works quite well and others should certainly give it a try.


so ?
what’s wrong with that ?
I don’t mind as long as it respects users’ privacy.

Wow, I’ve been using DDG for years and had no idea!


https://lemmy.ml/post/31321 Also this will be independent (I think) while DuckGuckGo just buys Bing results.


deleted by creator


For an unknown reason I can’t click on the link. Will it be open source and have good documentation for self-hosting ?


I have updated the link, maybe it should work now?


Yes it works, thank you. According to the article and wikipedia, seems that cliqz is open source. Seems promising, even if I don’t like the company behind brave so much. I hope it will not be centralized, though. I’m not sure someone could compete with google by trying to index all the web itself :thinking face:

edit: it appears that cliqz wanted to rely on advertisement, I hope it will not be the case.


It seems like Cliqz had a lot of promise, I hope Brave can deliver. They are a lot better than people give them credit for.

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