what ideas can we come up with for hosting small sites, services, etc.

the freedom to create your own space is very open ended. and people who would have shared are already sharing. what new opportunity can be invented? specifically ones that are not restricted from gemini limitations and possibly benefit from being light weight.

inspirational sites:
weather report
reddit and ycomb aggregator
various links collections


  • gemini information and guides.
  • selected links to other gemini sites
  • a small lighweight community news service.
  • a raw feed/aggregation of content. starting with good sources and heavy filtering until the raw stream is shown. a small window of content is shown and updates frequently.
  • meme links
  • general news (aggregated or curated). specialized news: ex. self hosting news.
  • aggregation of content on lesser known sites or lesser known individuals. boosting.
  • self hosting resources and related dev resources.
  • any information useful to things you want to promote. example: linux or gentoo/arch.
  • code snippets
  • request for info. responses should be posted on an agreed platform.
  • general wishlist.
  • opinion after reading something online.
  • links to fun content that you don’t want to post somewhere else.
  • a map of all your accounts across the internet for promotion purposes if you don’t mind the privacy loss.
  • degoogle or decentralize promotion/propaganda. unique resources for noobs and also like-minded individuals.
  • privacy tips.
  • venting/rants for like-minded individuals.
  • quality links. bestof

a single page that shows all the site’s pages and which ones have been updated recently. this ensures that users always know where to go when they come back.
updating stats on average post frequency and volume for different pages.


I’d like to put together a solar powered Gemini server. Thinking postmarketOS on a used phone with a battery bank and solar charger attached to it. Stup a mini gemlog as seen on HexDSL and Drew’s capsules.

I want an auto-convert of eligible web articles into gempages. Especially for articles posted here on Lemmy. I dislike clicking weblinks because of the state of the web, so I rarely read the articles.


i have similar feelings.
c/textonly would make a great community too.

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