Millions neighboring Beijing under COVID-19 lockdown

About 22 million people in three cities of Hebei Province neighboring the capital Beijing have been placed under COVID-19 lockdown as of Tuesday, twice the size of the population that was put under lockdown during the Wuhan epidemic, as Hebei has vowed to take resolute measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading to the capital.

“When authorities found suspicious cases before they even showed symptoms, they mobilize those people to receive a test and quarantine at the same time. Authorities race ahead of the epidemic,” Wang said.

The measures in Europe are a joke compared to this.


It’s called valuing human life over economic performance. These measures are expensive as hell so it’s no wonder why they’re so unpopular in capitalist countries.


IMHO, no. It is a clear economic calculation. Do a heavy lock-down early and large is less costly than widespread later and weaker lockdowns and other measures to deal with the effects of the virus being wide spread.

Just look at the economic figures. While China is suffering from trade issues, it is already back on growth track, contrary to Europe and the US. The overall economic impact in the EU and the US are much more costly than a hard lock down of 22 million people even if it has to be done repeatably.

Lets not pretend the CCP does this out of valuing human life, they clearly don’t (and neither do their western counter-parts).