What are your thoughts on CRT TVs?

I personally find old CRT TVs, especially Sony Trinitrons, really charming. The retro gaming community really loves them for playing old consoles as LCDs don’t handle consoles designed for CRTs well. There are even some compelling arguments for playing even modern games on CRTs, and some of the best (and most expensive) professional CRT monitors can even reach 2K resolutions! Plus, keeping CRTs around as collectables them from becoming E-waste, which is a plus for the environment.

What do you think of this display technology? Do you still have a CRT? Do you think they still have a place in the modern tech landscape?

CRTs were abandoned before flat panels were able to replace them well. We’re just now getting flat panel displays that can approach the picture quality that would have been standard on a CRT. Early LCD displays were horrible. CRTs can also display non-native resolutions and still look decent. Most flat panels have exactly one resolution that will look decent. CRTs were thrown out before it was appropriate to do so.


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I play melee so obviously I have a CRT that I love.

this might also be potentially relivant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8BVTHxc4LM


I want one, I’ve been dreaming of stuffing a raspberry pi into one and making it endlessly stream King of the Hill for ambience.

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