Presidential election 2020 will be most inaccurate and fradulent one in the history of America if proceeded with postal voting system.


US is basically a junta at this point.


From oligarchy to dictatorship in 4 years. Whatever as long as Bernie Sanders is kept far away from effecting change

I’m just enjoying the circus.


Is this a new right wing trend? “Oh my god I will loose the elections, then let’s postpone and not have elections at all until we are ahead on the polls” Bolivia is doing it, now the US…

Everybody seems to believe and live by democracy when it goes their way, but nobody believes in it when it goes the other way.


It’s not right wing trend. Poland postponed elections by one month. Ruling party, PiS, which is rightwing party wanted to make elections on normal date with only postal voting, which was considered a big threat to legitimacy of elections due to lack of anonymity and fairness. Opposition wanted to postpone elections even further. All in all, PiS candidate won 51.0% to 49.0%. You can read about it on

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