How To Ditch Mobile Phone 📵

Install high-speed fiber optic internet and remove Wi-Fi from your home. It will be more complicated to set up your home lab, but will give you great possibilities and less radiation.

Better sleep, better focus, no mental-noise, no radiation, actually better / higher quality communication with people, present here and now and no more surveillance! The question is — are you ready?

idk but the focus on radiation is catching me off guard because that’s been debunked for over a decade iirc, unless its a joke im missing.

Either way in regards to the article I actually think it’s going to be the opposite. I think the differences between phones and PCs will slowly decline (especially with an os like ios or linux phones) and as we use more wearables we will be more connected than ever with our phones leaving us with PC-like phones than PCs acting like phones at home.


Radiation is debunked over a decade ? Radiation is a real problem for more sensitive people. But sensitive people likely are not often involved in research. And I have the impression that modern science will try to prove that what they really want to prove. When there are no lobby groups and politics involved I might be less skeptical of modern science results.


It doesn’t make sense to believe that EM radiation from a mobile phone or WLAN is harmful because there are other stronger sources of radiation. There is radio and TV in the air, microwaves emit very powerful radiation that can block WLAN. There is a lot of solar radiation, too.

If you believe that mobile phone radiation is harmful (mobile phones are harmful for health and sanity in other ways, but that is another topic) you are essentially saying that some conspiracy has engineered mobile phones to emit waveforms tailored to harm humans.

There are many things harmful to humans to be upset about. For example, cotton is dyed even though there is very good-looking naturally colored cotton. Yet the things that capture people’s attention are those that don’t have any evidence behind them.

Maybe because it feels like an interesting choice? Side with lack of evidence or side with the vocal group of people who believe. But there are billions of questions one could ask. They are quite boring, really. The only thing that elevates the popular ones is their popularity and media coverage. And popularity doesn’t correlate with plausibility.


Your long reply would look fine in a newspaper or academic paper I guess, but makes a slightly hostile impression in my view. Are you a heavy mobile devices user ?


No. How come?


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IMO it is highly unlikely that exposure to certain wavelengths is very harmful if the source is a phone but not harmful when the source is something else and there is more of it.


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Agree. Can’t wait to get a stable end-user-ready version of the PinePhone! (sorry, Purism, too expensive).


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