Picture of grass with like 0 calories

Bro like wild herbs are awesome and good on them for touching grass, but some green shit from the local dog toilet doesn’t feed a billion people lmao


so that’s clearly a grass roots movement. sustained by grass roots

Eating random shit you found on the ground with little caloric or nutritional value to own the hierarchies 😎😎😎

Ok so like, dandelions are actually completely edible and so are some other “weeds” so I get where they coming from but I wouldn’t go picking plants out of some random field no knowing what that fields been used for or what kind of pesticides/herbicides, etc, has been put on that shit. And a little rinse of water isn’t gonna just make that ok.

In urban areas or by busy streets exhaust can add toxins to any foragebles.

Hate to shit on dandelions, alas, with anarchists its mostly flowery (hehe) idea and shit execution.

Foraged early spring the leaves make a decent spinach substitute and if you clean, slice, and toast the roots in a pan it makes a barely acceptable creamy decaf coffee substitute if you’re ever in need of one, battered and fried the flowers aren’t too bad.

Oh yeah, I never said they were an ideal food source. Just that they were edible. Like you could eat them any time but only in early spring before they go to seed will they taste the best. Basically the same for carrots and some other tubers. If they go to flower/seed and overwinter they usually become way less ideal to eat.

100%. Another common one is wild grape leaf, if you don’t eat them when they first come out they develop an inedible fibrous texture. Though grape leaves are yummy when stuff or fried.

Also added to lacto fermented vegetables like pickles to help them stay crisp

You think there might be more pesticides and herbicides on some random dandelion than the food that you buy from a grocery store?

Anarchism is in shambles, here’s an anarchist picking up grass to actually eat it later

When you say food, what exactly do you mean by that?

fuck buying “food” in a hierarchical “supermarket” but muh Irish Spring, gotta have that

It’s actually pretty easy to make your own soap too. And if you eat meat, collecting the excess fat and rendering/purifying it and making soap out of it is a good idea anyway cause it’s just one less thing being wasted. Like I’m one person and I don’t even eat that much meat and I still have several jars of tallow and lard I have saved up. Made lard soap with some extra coconut oil not that long ago. Boiled a bunch of lemongrass down and used the water for the soap and it smells fairly decent. Just a slight hint of lemonyness to it. Only cost was the lue and that’s shits dirt cheap and goes a LONG way. Like a miniscule fraction of the bottle for like 20 bars worth of soap.

I mean I get you’re point…I just find it odd that someone can “forage” for what looks like grass while also buying shitty mass produced bars of soap

Yes, what I was trying to get at was that between these two things. Making your own soap seems like the more sensible thing than eating yard clippings. Haha.

lol fair enough


Jokes on you! Not only do I go outside and touch grass, I eat it too!

Touching grass isn’t enough I guess

Surely this will feed millions!

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That’s not what we meant by “touch grass” but at least it’s a start

Lmao “not only will I touch grass tankies, I will EAT it!!!”

Also good luck foraging in cities lmao, every green space even in Poland where there is much of it smells like pesticide and dog piss for a kilometer.

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I see lots of dandelion greens which are actually not bad but as everyone is saying, most lawns and shit are sprayed with various pesticides and other shit you don’t want in your body… Including actual shit.

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