The Central Bankers’ Long Covid: An Incurable Condition - The Philosophical Salon
Sheep spend their entire lives being afraid of the wolf, but end up eaten by the shepherd. (Popular proverb) By now it should be clear that COVID-19 is, essentially, a ... Read More

What the hell. Not to be overly rude or anything, but I think this writer popped a microdot. I couldn’t read anymore after the anti-vaxxer part, which I couldn’t help but infer that the underlying message was that anti-vaccination is a valid stance because ‘monetary tracking’. Do western writers ever put any thought into what they publish? This is why I cite reports and hard data instead when making claims.

Sounds like you stopped reading before it got really interesting. Are you really suggesting that being against covid vaccination is an “invalid stance” somehow? I always thought that communists should fight against corporations and against the bourgeosie, not defend their money making schemes. I’m not saying vaccines are all bad, but its more than legitimate to criticise them.

How is covid vaccination a ‘money-making scheme’? And why are you equating Sinovac for example with Johnson & Johnson. Sounds like you care more about what’s ‘interesting’ than the actual truth.

Vaccine development was funded by tax money, and then countries also paid for buying vaccines with tax money. And surprise, pharma companies are making billions in profits.

And why are you equating Sinovac for example with Johnson & Johnson.

I didnt even mention Sinovac, I was talking about vaccines which are available in western countries. Do you think its a coincidence that we cant get any Chinese or Russian vaccines? Or could it be because that would result in less profits for Biontec etc?

You’re missing my point. You’re focusing way too much on western countries and not enough on eastern ones and then being surprised at your own conclusion. It’s no wonder why you tried to limit other users from posting much about China.

Why does this even have to be about western countries? They are useless compared to eastern countries when it comes to solving our current crises, and eastern countries are in a position to dictate the terms of world politics, and one of the reasons western countries will be irrelevant is because eastern countries don’t suffer from the same hubris that western countries do. Actually investing in their infrastructure also helps.

And that is why I laugh when some western doomerist screams ‘game over for humanity’ on his article.

Hold up. The article is talking about economics in the United States and in the European Union. Why are you talking about China or comparisons with eastern countries all of a sudden? If you dont know what the topic is, there is no sense in having any discussion.

Because the United States and the EU is not worth talking about in the first place?

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