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    The Ubuntu 24.04 beta won’t be happening tomorrow as planned but has been pushed back by one week due to the XZ security nightmare and wanting to rebuild packages out of an abundance of caution.

    Canonical decided to rebuild all binary packages for Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble Numbat) after the compromised XZ code was built for the xz-utils package.

    While there is no indication other packages were compromised as a result, out of caution they are building all binaries in their builds after compiling the malicious XZ package.

    Due to the time needed for package rebuilds, the Ubuntu 24.04 beta has been pushed back from 4 April to 11 April.

    Notice of the Ubuntu 24.04 Beta delay was posted today to the Ubuntu Discourse.

    The official Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release date of 25 April still appears to be on track.

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