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Acropolis, Magic Stone's fork of diaspora* is now available on YunoHost
Acropolis is fairly similar to diaspora* at this stage with the key difference being that being managed via the Collective Code Construction Contract which prioritizes the community around software over the technicals. Sign up at if you want to try the early results. 🛠️ If administration is your thing, #YunoHost is the easiest way to install #Acropolis. Version 2021.12.02~ynh1 still requires initial account creation via web interface and promotion to admin via command line but in the near future, admin account creation will be more seamless. Link to install on your YunoHost box: ⚠️ Please report issues at

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Cross-platform Federation
Hi folks, Just posted and here I want to discuss if Magic Stone should make any efforts towards this kind of integration and if so between which platforms.

We’re creating magic through evolution of the fediverse!



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