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the last two things go hand-in-hand. i never want to see a karma-like system because that would incite people to post just for karma. the content on here is very high-quality, and i think that’s thanks to the lack of karma; your total upvotes are never displayed publicly, so what does it matter if your post doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator?

i had a similar experience. i made a post on r/Brave about the lack of sensible defaults for the news feed (it had just rolled out to me at the time) and got a ton of reactionaries in the replies. i switched to Firefox out of spite and never looked back.

that is definitely one of the aesthetics ever

James Primate - Unseen Lands

I started my first playthrough of Rain World yesterday; this song is still in my head…

there’s no such thing as an apolitical instance. the concept of a community-owned and -operated not-for-profit social network is a fundamentally anarchist ideal. not to mention the lack of an explicit political statement is itself a political statement.

Off Topic, would you mind sharing a bit info or resources about gemini?

here’s its website: https://gemini.circumlunar.space/

small suggestion for the community

i think vaporwave 美学 would be a better display name for the community. more aesthetic…

imo this looks more lo-fi than vaporwave

yes, but there are still the problems of security and accessibility. blocking external content is a band-aid.

EDIT: I noticed a downvote.

what’s funny to me is that the post has a downvote. a lot of posts on !asklemmy@lemmy.ml have one downvote. i’m imagining this cranky killjoy downvoting everything they see for no reason and it’s really funny to me

idk, i just saw a couple of references to it on their English-language homepage. there’s a page for it in the docs, but i can’t read Japanese

on the other hand, a lot of people often lengthen /e/ rather than /ɪ/, at least in my accent

the Dat Protocol is something i’ve experimented with before and it seems kind of promising

first, security: the web stack is almost impossible to implement securely. there will be vulnerabilities, which will be mercilessly exploited. second, privacy: tracking pixels and other spyware are everywhere in emails. third, accessibility: plaintext emails are a piece of cake for screen readers and braille displays, while HTML emails are a very mixed bag; and plaintext is universal. every email client, no matter how basic or esoteric, is able to display it.

yes, i addressed that in another reply. personally, for emphasizing things in plaintext, i use **Markdown**, which is actually pretty much universally understood.

although a lot of this is email clients’ fault. the developers of said email clients were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should, and now we’re all stuck with bad defaults.

Laiqbun Matrix room

I forgot to put it in the sidebar when I made this community, but we do have a Matrix room for those who prefer it. It’s end-to-end encrypted, so make sure to use an encryption-capable client, and it’s not bridged to the Laiqbun Discord server. We moved due to technical difficulties, the link …

this browser game has a tool to memorize toki pona words, tools to learn sitelen pona, and a dictionary…

i made a community for Laiqbun, an artistic constructed language…


a fantastic vr art gallery showcasing both historical and more recent examples of the y2k aesthetic. one thing: the ramps are a bit tricky; the trick is to stay to the left as you’re going up…

is federation not working for anyone else? (solved)

some communities don’t seem to federate. when i go to them, i see their details in the sidebar, but the user count is always 0 and no posts are shown.