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Found this when I was looking for an alarm clock and am using it now. You need to already have some kind of media player installed, and you need to edit the config file at data/shalarm.cfg to point to a sound file and to set the name of the media player you’re using…

Thank you for linking that site, I didn’t know about it before. It seems to have a lot of good photos under CC licenses.

I think they’re asking about whether it’s possible to get a link to a comment when not logged in. It’s not possible to do it the way it’s done when logged in.

When logged in, it looks like this:

I can click on the icon in the bar below the comment to get a link to the comment.

But when logged out, it looks like this:

That bar below the comment is not there. So there’s no way to get the link like this.

I think there already was a thread about this many months ago, but I don’t remember the result…


Sea otter.

(Source. Web archive link because it currently shows a 404 page.)…


Heh, so do I. :) And I just like the way “lemmy emm ell” sounds.

I don’t quite understand, can you explain this picture?


(I don’t have a source for this one, it was shared on a Discord I’m on.)…


Interesting article, thanks for sharing. Well, I don’t mind reaching for the Ctrl key, but I got another way of using the Caps Lock key for something more useful than Caps Lock: I need to type special characters rather often, so I had set my Caps Lock to be the Compose key. This lets me do stuff like typing (Caps Lock) oA to get Å, typing (Caps Lock) << to get «, or typing (Caps Lock) CCCP to get (yes, the last one is a real option, I’m not sure why they added that, but I use it). I can also define my own combinations by editing the ~/.XCompose file (I can see the expected format by looking at any non-empty Compose file in the directories inside /usr/share/X11/locale/). These two articles have different instructions on how to enable the Compose key when using GNOME: here and here.

Nice. That was for the meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth in 1989, wasn’t it?