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Could we add GoL community links to the sidebar?

The GoL community has been by far the most welcoming out of all Linux communities (not just Linux gaming communities!) that I’ve been part of, and I’d love to see their Matrix, Discord and IRC rooms promoted in the sidebar. …

They are the one running the gamingonlinux.com community and I was the one who talked them over to joining Lemmy (over at Mastodon) just recently. So I think it’s a pretty easy choice.

I had completely missed linux_gaming on my stay here and that’s my bad. I’ll edit the original post to reflect that.

Oh, it was the underscore. I do recommend adding @sirsquid@lemmy.ml to the mod team should they accept the spot! This one’s on me.

Linux Gaming community created

EDIT: I had completely missed the creation https://lemmy.ml/c/linux_gaming
So as to not needlessly separate communities, go there instead!..

Largely in the same way as other digital card games are, modelled after real world card games where you need to buy packs of cards where you mostly get what you already had, in hopes you get what you want. This bad in real world card games already, but there’s no excuse for a digital card game to have a predatory monetization system as at its core it’s still just another video game without any real world limitations.

However, Valve took what other games were doing and doubled down. They actually asked you to pay for tickets to play certain game modes on top of having already paid 20$ for the initial cards. It’s likely this that ultimately bombed and doomed the game.

None of that matters now though, the game seems to be thoroughly free from now on. All modes, all cards, everything is yours from the get-go.

Prior to launch, I had hoped Valve, out of all companies would be able to monetize this game in a way that would not affect gameplay. They had made Dota 2 after all, probably the best monetized F2P game out there.

Obviously that was very far from what we got, and I hope the game being properly free might pull in players slowly. It was the one chance Linux was gonna get a card game and we lost it.

Neat, thanks for sharing! Think I’m gonna just straight up steal a bunch of this after I figure out how it works.

I’ve really been looking forward to porting mine over and cleaning up the absolute monstrosity while I do it. However as my knowledge of vimscript is very limited to begin with, I thought I’d wait for the stable release and possible migration guides. In the meantime I’m just getting used to the syntax peculiarities of Lua.

Feel free to link any resources and guides here, I’d be interested in reading them.

I’m not convinced a hardcoded slur filter does much to deter bad actors from running their instances with it patched out. But I trust in you when you say it shows benefits and I hope it’ll be around only for as long as we don’t have more sophisticated solutions.

I can completely understand that you’d want to keep heinous people from using your software, but I really hope we’ll consider developing ways to empower users and admins to reject instances and users deemed harmful, instead of wasting time and resources in to developing some sort of global, mandated, hardcoded slur filter. The prospect of fitting and maintaining some wildy conflicting 100 languages in it is begging for this to be configurable on a per instance basis instead. With perhaps suggested defaults during the installation process.

And if you believe in the four freedoms, you’ll have to concede that the bad people find it as well. Mastodon drove out Gab, and I’m sure Lemmy will succeed in similar efforts.

Didn’t Metallica finally acquire rights to their own music as well? Literally no one else but the band could’ve striken a claim.

None of my comments have federated from sopuli, so this is a test. E: seems like we’re back in business.


This is very promising. And the whole featureset seems to fairly far along as well! E: editing to federate

Thanks! Returns a git issue with a big-ass todo-list. Just what my F5 needed. E: editing to see if it federates the comment

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?

So I’ve been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that’s finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I’d also like t…

They’re not even ban-happy, it actually just seems like another form of trolling I didn’t even know existed. I’ve started just insta-muting people that announce blocks or share their blocklists without being asked to. And I understand it’s hard not to take the bait when they’re spreading lies about you.

Are there any reasons to advocate selling pirated physical goods anway?

It has become general purpose, though the tiny amount of RAM it has poses limits. It has manga readers, book readers, music players etc.

I remember learning about the whole scene right after I had updated to 3.67, and people were saying it would be another 10 years before it would be cracked. Thank god the doomsayers were wrong, the machine is so much more interesting when you’re actually allowed to do what you want with what you’ve bought.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. Maintenance is a lot better than nothing.

Any major forks of uMatrix?

I’d love to keep using this while I still use a browser other than Qutebrowser, but has the development moved somewhere or is the project just dead?..

I really don’t know how I could move back to a traditional editor at this point. Even turning on emulator plugins just never cut it - there’s always something crucial missing and you can’t configure them to the extent of Neovim or Emacs. I’m at a point where I’d choose employers based on whether I can use Neovim or not.

I have created a Neovim community over at sopuli.xyz

This editor is growing in to one of the biggest interests I have in software and seeing as there still isn’t a community for Neovim, I thought I should probably step up. Right now there isn’t any very recent big news to talk about, but I thought I’d drop the link nevertheless. Hope to see you there…