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Non-tech communities: art, music, books, TV series, hobbies, all kinds of niche communities. These are important for attracting a diverse user base.

Listen up commie

Boomer time

Based on the charity principle, I find it rather simple. Those companies find Blender really useful for 3D modeling and because it’s widely used and free, they want the sofware’s development and support to go on with no financial problems whatsoever.

And in face of the global chip shortage they could become self-sufficient. No need to rely on countries like China.

En jaksa uskoa että tässä vaiheessa ruvetaan tekemään mitään saman laajuisia rajoituksia kuin maaliskuussa. Vanhemmat ikäluokat ja riskiryhmät kun on rokotettu ja nuorempiakin rokotetaan hyvällä tahdilla. Terveydenhuollon kantokykykin on melko matala niin silläkään ei voida perustella rajoituksia, toisin kuin aiemmin.

Indie game developers may find great use for this technology. No need for big cast of voice actors!

It’s aimed at business user base so I doubt it will be a setback and appealing for normies. Microsoft and many competing companies have already provided datacenter-run remote desktops for some time.

Didn’t know that technical reqruitment is so NSFW topic. Anyways, you’re banned!

Okay. Sopuli is intended to be general-purpose instance, whereas Lemmygrad has a clear left-wing slant. As I’m obviously not an apolitical person, I am not intending it to be an apolitical instance.

Opposite in what ways?

Audacity is too bare-bones anyways for more advanced audio editing. Even though not FOSS and leaning into the DAW territory, I have used Reaper.

Now this was a surprise!

Tuon twiitin kommentteihin mahtuu sisältöä, joka sulattaa hitaasti aivoja.

Glad that I deleted my WhatsApp over a month ago, even my relatives have switched to Signal.