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My current wallpaper that originally came with Sony’s VAIO laptops. It has been upscaled with Gigapixel AI…

Yes, 20 years ago they had a “Farewell Tour”, after which they moved the goalposts and told how it was the final tour with the original lineup.

Link’s Awakening remake for Switch


How long it will take before Fall Guys turns into a F2P game?

Google didin’t probably have any self-awareness or they subliminally knew of Stadia failing; it was put next to Sega’s Dreamcast, Nintendo’s Power Glove and E.T for the Atari 2600 as a tease.

I have many apps pinned to my Start Menu and if I need something else, I just press the Windows key and type.

It will grow steadily and will perhaps reach Mastodon levels of popularity. It will however take time so one needs to be patient.

And EU should follow next, hopely the approval process won’t take too much time.

I’ve been thinking of telling about our instance on r/Suomi once we have gained some users from Finnish Fediverse users and elsewhere.

It would be better to gain users who have actual interests, not ones who want to talk about politics 24/7.

I get that Square Enix wants to cash in on the battle royale trend and target especially Chinese audiences, but from the perspective of maintaining the Final Fantasy franchise’s dignity this is downright awful.

The new effort, called Rightly, will target Republicans who “feel left out of mainstream media”

The moderates or the fringe extremes?

I have used Instapaper - at least when it comes to interesting articles and blog posts.

It has already racked over 2 million views!

Like with the Super Mario 64 decompilation project, it’s like Hercules battling Hydra.