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this video contains pictures that may be upsetting to some … …

Whats the value of $KEY? Was $KEY set or empty?

I think it was more or less the same. But the documentation was not so good as now.

is one of the biggest mills here. Just talk to the people in front. they didn’t understand at first and thought it was funny. But now vegan is more common they understand it :D

I go to local mill and buy gluten there in 15 kilo bags for very little money ;).

Arch + sway is nice. If you want to try it whitout a hassle, there is a manjaro build with sway thst works nice. https://github.com/Manjaro-Sway/manjaro-sway

I think it is too complex. Most distributions don’t have the same Linux directory structure and different versions of libraries. So you have to ship and maintain different versions of the same library. Nix and Guix are more or less a solution, I think.