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Sorry I haven’t checked lemmy in a minute, you can find guides for it on this steam page. Check the About section for the specific games you want to try. It’s pretty simple, latency is good too though that depends on the ping of each player.

Edit: just realized you wanted a general netplay guide, you can find one here or use the netplay section under the Mario Party 4/5/6/7 Netplay Guide, it’s pretty much the same for most games.

Anyone know why they stopped advertising lemmygrad on r/GenZedong btw? It was how I found this website, it’s a shame they’re not promoting it more and more

Moreover, that the dock is now further away is something that the Gnome designers have become aware of and planned fixes are in the pipeline for Gnome 41.

Source? Overall I like the changes made except for the dock movement, would be great if my one gripe was being improved

her opinions

So sorry! I edited the comment to fix the pronoun before the server but I guess the change wasn’t backed up, let me fix it again

While I don’t agree with all of her opinions, I found this to be a more or less fair assessment of China and the PRC’s history.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Viki 1999, I really recommend watching The cold war from the soviet POV | Bias in storytelling.

If you use Gnome then Geary is my favorite email client. Very simple and straightforward email client.

Wow, this is something I did not know and had not considered. I’ve only been a US citizen for about 3 years so I would be at risk. Is there any articles you can send me to read up on this? Thank you so much.

Oh, I forgot to mention that in my state party affiliation is public info, so I would think it would show up on a basic background check though I could be wrong. If not then I might be joining an org soon

Risks of Joining Communist Party in the USA

Hi all, I’ve been considering joining the PCUSA or PLS, but am afraid of being discriminated against when finding a job or internship. I’m wondering if anyone here can provide their personal experience with being in a communist or socialist party in the USA, and whether or not I should wait until af…

Here’s a reddit post from a few months ago with a list Only one I’ve played is Bewitching Revolution and I enjoyed it