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kmail does quite nicely

Pretty amazing, but not surprising. Unfortunately here in BC it’s over-inflated all the property values everywhere that’s livable.

I’ve found the same with butter over the past few years. I hope this gets backed up by other sources, but if true, it sounds like high time for better regulation of this industry - if they can’t make profit from selling a pound of butter for $5 (which most seem to be priced higher than that now), t…

Updated lemmy.ca code today

Howdy! I’ve just updated lemmy.ca from lemmy 0.9.6 to 0.9.7. More info on the changes at: https://lemmy.ca/post/2626

Thanks for these fixes! lemmy.ca is on 0.9.7 now.

Good on you for getting a good instance up!

I know this comment is a couple of months old now, but just getting caught up on this community today. If you haven’t had a chance, I would recommend having a look at https://joinpeertube.org/ and the section “About peer-to-peer broadcasting and watching”. Heck, maybe all the sections? Peertube has a pile of excellent things going on under the hood.

The construct on Reddit is obviously contained within Reddit, but it’s plenty harmful within that environment, when and if people decide whether or not they’ll interact with someone else based on their ‘score’.

I think you’re quite right… Just like smoking, though, I think it’s going to have to be tackled head-on as completely socially unacceptable.

No kidding, and ain’t it great that the problem is funded by the Canadian taxpayers themselves? Whee!

There’s a comment further below that’s actually pretty scary when people believe/live this sort of thing:

On Reddit Karma is typically used to show legitimacy and maturity. If you have 20k Karma from having 20k more upvotes than downvotes, your comment is probably worth giving a read.

That’s great - isn’t that exactly the ‘social score’ implemented in China? Yikes.

Unfortunately, Canada is years and years behind dealing with this.

Step #1 - completely end fossil fuel industry subsidies, now. - this should have ended years ago.

Step #2 - tax them appropriately

Start funding & granting the clean energy sector. What the hell is anyone waiting for? Extinction?

Man, that guy’s a windbag.


He whines about being called Trumpian but follows along some similar lines. An earlier post covers this, and I suspect there’s going to be many, many articles following his thinly-veiled attempts to suggest he’s anything beyond what he seems to denounce.

Or, I guess the quickest response to that article’s headline would be “Oh, so you’re resigning?”

Hey, I hadn’t responded to this yet, but I think you’d want to discuss with the developers - they’ve gone and done new builds right in github now! https://lemmy.ca/post/1643

I asked a couple of pointed questions, I’m not sure how it’s trying to shut down discussion. However, what I see is “I don’t like what’s going on here, it’s annoying me, somebody please do something!”, and then when you’ve been given the information on how little it actually affects everyone and how to avoid it, you want to throw your toys in the sandbox and run away.

It seems pretty clear: a) the features you want are on the list of things to do, b) /c/all isn’t going to be the curated list of whatever you want it to be, and c) if want to curate your own Lemmy right now, you can always run your own instance. You stated your opinion. Great, move on, there’s not really any debate to be had that I can see. (Yes, that could well be viewed as trying to shut down “discussion”, as I don’t think there’s much really to be had now)

So, you’re suggesting that because the admin of the Glasgow site is trying to build his instance in a particular way that doesn’t meet your measure of interest, it should be ‘dealt with’? What makes you believe that it’s self-promotion?

There were some reports in chat recently about this issue, seemed to possibly be related to Android 11. Is that what you’re on?

What @pasdechance@lemmy.ml said. I have used Lineage on a few devices, in fact just switched my Moto Z3 Play to it this past weekend. The switch of the ROM, for me, is to keep my device more up to date with Android security releases now that it’s out of the manufacturer security release cycle.

The hardening guide I will be looking to do more of, to try and make my device a little more private.

Just out of curiosity, what makes matrix not fully usable at this time?

Done, and I hope it’s not too many items mentioned in one bug report.

Stupid churches fined for being stupid.

Why do some people insist on being so difficult about temporary rules? The entitlement is appalling…

Something odd with the Lemmy rate limiting.

I have all the proxy_set_header directives in nginx, including the new ones just added in yesterday or the day before.

Something lighthearted to kick things off.

The Tyee asked readers to submit art depicting life today. This is the resulting gallery…

Hello all, and welcome! …