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fediverse is now detecting Wordpress instances with ActivityPub enabled…

Here the video, excuse the low quality but you can see that the written URL is not inserted into the new post:

Remmel for iOS, URL not working

Remmel version is 1.1.6, Build 22, API Version v0.9.4

Voldria creure que tindrem govern perquè portem massa anys sense.

I mean, URL is not published when you create a new post with the URL field filled with an URL

Testing Remmel, URL is not published

First all, I like Remmel so far, thanks for creating it! Just found that it’s not publishing the URL…

Thank you for creating it! Works fine and smooth.

My fault, I can’t remove it. It’s still there on apps library.

no, it’s not available in iOS but there are other like AdGuard, AdBlock …

Just removed Safari right now and Firefox keeps working …

I’m using Firefox in my iPhone but not tried uBlock Origin yet.

Python bot that allows in-band registration to your xmpp ejabberd server from your Mastodon server local users. You can get from it your ejabberd server status and uptime (the bot do a post to your Mastodon server with the result)…

well , the cap is at 5000 characters by default.

Service unavailable

Thank you so much for your hard work!

It get top three more boosted posts from all known fediverse servers, known meaning all posts from all federated servers to the Mastodon one running this code.

Just released this code that can help you to control your Mastodon server bills and donations and even share them with your users by posting your current financial status…

Solucionat el problema de iframely

iframely és la part de Lemmy que es dedica a incrustar l’imatge corresponent a la URL quan es crea una publicació nova. No funcionava, per alguna raó no s’iniciava aquest servei i per això totes les publicacions amb URL no mostraven cap imatge…

La Plataforma per la Llengua és l’ONG del català. És una organització no governamental que treballa per promoure la llengua catalana com a eina de cohesió social…