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That’s a fair point.

I’ve disabled about 90% of the automated posts (the majority were coming from Glasgow news/football sites) as of now - the ones that are kept are from a couple blogs etc - I don’t expect more than 1 post from them every week or two. But I’ll keep an eye on them and disable any that post more/too often.

As soon as we have the functionality to tag accounts as ‘bot’ etc too - I’ll make sure that happens as well.

Hey guys, I’m the admin at lemmy.glasgow.social, just been made aware of this post. I wanted to respond:

I want people to use, for example, https://lemmy.glasgow.social/c/strathbungo as a place to discuss the Strathbungo area in Glasgow - and I’m actively trying to introduce people to the platform.

Until people are made aware of that particular community and it fills with relevant user supplied content, there is a bot that sumarises the RSS feed of a local website (The Bungo Blog) - I was planning to add any other sources that were relevant.

Maybe this isn’t how I should be using Lemmy, it just made sense to me as a way to attract people as a good resource.

I’m more than happy to tag these accounts as bots, or make the posts local only - or whatever I’m able to do (now, or when it’s made available) - just let me know, thanks!

Discovered this project recently, it’s pretty interesting - I particularly like the street view and how it gets rid of those annoying fences at four way intersections. …

Ooh, first federated comment! :) Hello!