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I almost forgot about this, but with banks that are not online-only banks, you can still hand in bank transfer forms on paper. It’s tedious obviously and may take longer, but it works.

I don’t know the details of PSD2, but you can still pay with SEPA without biometrics if SEPA is available in your country. Some banks support 2FA via SMS when you don’t want to use their app.

Fand ich leider nicht du gut wie die anderen Lieder davor, der Gesang geht klar, aber bei der Mukke fehlt mir hier n bisschen der Druck.

Cool, thanks! Editied it in the op.

Glad to see you posting in this community, haven’t had much company over here so far. Have you been active in /r/rabm as well?

This is exactly why climate change denying became popular and acceptable, because the media thought they had to represent counter arguments for everything, no matter how big the consensus among scientists was. Adding different viewpoints just for the sake of it will not fix biases but introduce other ones.

Queer (Cyber)Punk that switched guitar & bass with Korg Kaossilator & Novation MiniNova. Making songs promoting homosexuality & anarchy and against cops, cars & capitalism^^ Lo-Fi diy music produced in their bedroom…

Cool, thanks! Is it going to be on F-Droid or do you want to wait until it’s no longer Alpha?

Kann mir die nur manchmal geben und auch nicht alles, aber wenns passt ists richtig gut! Urin waren live auch ziemlich gut.

Telegram works very well but is a nightmare from privacy perspective since they store everything* unencrypted as long as they want. They even call themselfes “cloud messenger”.

(*) everything but the e2e chats you can set up but are barely used since they can’t be accessed on desktop and there’s no e2e for groups

Looks pretty telling about who’s active in that sub that the adblock comment is getting downvoted that much. Do people really want to get relevant ads shown, when they just could see no ads at all? Block everything.

Sorry wegen der Formatierung, die ist beim Kopieren auf der Strecke geblieben. Ich bin mir nicht ganz klar darüber, ob so ein Brief soviel Auswirkung hat, egal von wem er unterzeichnet ist. Wenn Firmen gebeten werden müssen, doch bitte ihre Steuern zu zahlen und Arbeiter anständig zu behandeln, ist ja offensichtlich schon vorher was versäumt worden.

Isn’t this the signal server code? https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Server

Having Russians getting your data instead of Americans is a choice one can make, but since TG doesn’t support e2e in Desktop clients, it isn’t really comparable I think. It’s a cloud messenger that also supports e2e in some cases, so while moxie surely gets your metadata, Pavel gets everything.