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No I don’t always talk about it if that’s what you mean. But of course everything is political, this very much so obviously.

Me, as a libertarian socialist I can’t just accept that any people use this surveillance tech on kids ffs

This is a big step towards a fascist, no freedom and no privacy society and of course the right wing doesn’t care, they probably like this.

The republicans want police at schools and surveillance. It’s time to accept that they are fascists or fascist enablers and not “just conservatives”.

Why is everyone hating on signal and not on TOR for example, which has many of the same problems, but obv also still is the best solution we have.

Remember that you don’t have to engage. You can just not debate people and do other stuff. Block people online and avoid people in real life that don’t accept your decision

For people willing to use it, yes. For everyone else Signal is the king of the hill for now.

I think that is cool, though. Still remember when whatsapp was new, it was a good app back then.

They would do that with specific people, but atm it’s just safer to not use a smartphone at all if you think you are a target for that kind of thing - telegram for sure isn’t better

Telegram is NOT safer than signal. When you start using it your mom will and they won’t use encrypted chats because telegram makes them not default… It’s a terrible messenger

counter argument: Signal is from the US and they have to follow the orders of agencies, but they are an american company. Telegram is in russia and free real estate for the american overfunded three letter agencies who I am sure are collecting every shitty not-encrypted telegram message.

telegram is worse than whatsapp.

Just goes to show that there is no perfect solution atm. Doesn’t invalidate signal imho.

maybe it’ll be the age of jabber, who knows

Yeah totally evil, but a bad company can do the right thing once. It’s not even like it matters a lot, that they throw out one nazi helldump, now.

Die Scheiss 1000 Artikel über die berliner Popup-Fahrradwege gehen mir auf den Geist

Schon wieder sehe ich einen, hurra, die Fahrradwege dürfen bleiben… Das ist aber sowas von unwichtig, ist einfach nur ein politisches Thema, die AfD natürlich dagegen und die anderen Parteien denken sich sie können sich jetzt schnell Pluspunkte bei der Bürgerin holen wenn sie so tun als wenn hier …