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I am actually arguing for and against money being within reach of legislation here, let’s ignore that, I think all points I have made are valid at the same time

We’re currently at the mercy of banks, which get richer and richer…

That’s not true at all, many go bust or whatever. I think that they are too powerful but I’d rather have them be in reach of legislation than out of reach instead.

You seem to think that cryptocurrency is anonymous, which is totally untrue. Actually for many the opposite is true, since they literally have it baked into them to keep track of all transactions, by design. That’s what a blockchain is, a chain of blocks that each validate the ones that came before.

So cash money is actually more anonymous and versatile than what you have been describing. I go to the ATM and cash out money and from there it can’t be tracked remotely. I could hand it to some kid with a lemonade stand, buy drugs on a street corner, go to a supermarket and pay cash or hide it all in my pillow. I lost my phone, bank card, ID and keys? If I have cash I can still do some things. If my phones battery is dead, I just have cryptomoney and a virtual bank card, I am fucked.

There’s always been currency laundry, and there have always been fiscal paradises.

I am not trying to argue against the existence of anonymous ways to transfer money, I would love that if there was a good way.

What unique features never seen before? What problem has geniously been solved with CryptoCURRENCY (cryptoGRAPHY is a respectable broad field of computer science, not just cryptocoin gambling).

desesperately even if they don’t realize it, to scape inflation and harmful regulations

Inflation isn’t even that harmful, same for the regulations you are talking about.

I mean this is kinda on you. You can buy cheap regional apples from Germany everywhere. Yes, they aren’t organic but also they don’t come from freaking Chile to Germany.

Who is the userbase of pidgin? I have always wondered that, the days of ICQ are long gone.

Are the blood clod problems with some of the vaccines minor casualties we can laugh about ?

No and nobody is laughing about that. They literally stopped vaccinating young people.

Why the hatred versus anti-vaxers ?

What hatred?

Why worship science ?

Who is worshipping science?

yes that’s literally how it works. Wear a mask, lower your chances of getting it. Most of the time the incidences weren’t even high, so chances weren’t very high either. You would prefer if incidences were high though…

First impression: Slick and faaaast! Way less possibilities compared to osmand but looks great and blazing fast.

Ich stimme euch ja zu und so, aber eigentlich find ichs besser gleich von der_m deutschen Waehler_in enttaeuscht zu sein. CDU SPD FDP Boomer junge fuzzis mit Geld alle sind sie kacke, das ganze Land gegen jeden Fortschritt. Alle zusammen keine Vision, nur fettgefressen am Tisch sitzen und stoehnen.

It’s either going to go on for a long or a short time and then crash and make the normal people who had some dirt poor. Just like a gambling addiction. Don’t forget that you haven’t made any money on the stock markets until you actually cash it out. Big and stable corps have gone down the day after AAA ratification. There is no reason why this couldn’t happen to cryptocoins, they all to this day have their main purpose in speculation.

Literally a vaccine denier on lemmy. Unbelievable. I hope you’ll be healthy for long.

Oh, it was. And it was not just one platform, it was several ones.

Do you think that it’s okay to have terms of service? Or do you think that I have the right to post cat content every day on your train forum?

Okay, that’s established. Now is it okay for several social media platforms to ban someone that violates their terms of service?

I agree that their reach is immense but social media isn’t needed to live. Even a supermarket wouldn’t be responsible to let someone in that’s wildly misbehaving, even if that person was very hungry (which would make their need to go there more important than otherwise).

I would totally be fine with legislation to force monopoly social media like fb and insta to implement interoperability, so you can participate from different platforms.

lmao thanks

Wie stehts um diesen Server?

Sind alle willkommen die die Regeln einhalten? …

What's the deal with SESSION, Lokinet, $OXEN and LLARP

Lokinet is a onion-router (like tor, i2p) implementation of the LLARP protocol which tries to be a modern re-implementation of i2p. [Session](https:/…

It’s pretty entertaining I think, takes a little bit of time to understand what’s going on but there is are lots of VODs to re watch and he streams >10 hours per day lately. …

Die Scheiss 1000 Artikel über die berliner Popup-Fahrradwege gehen mir auf den Geist

Schon wieder sehe ich einen, hurra, die Fahrradwege dürfen bleiben… Das ist aber sowas von unwichtig, ist einfach nur ein politisches Thema, die AfD natürlich dagegen und die anderen Parteien denken sich sie können sich jetzt schnell Pluspunkte bei der Bürgerin holen wenn sie so tun als wenn hier …

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