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“Pirate” radio, just means the radio station wasn’t licensed and broadcasts illegally. Radio Free Asia/Europe was illegally set up by the CIA in communist countries to broadcast anti-communist propaganda. RAE was a noted inciter of the Hungarian uprising.

I support pirate radio. I won’t say directly, because I’m not using a VPN to hide my traffic from my service provider, but I may or may not have worked on PR projects. You picked into the wrong part of the statement.

ah thanks, that’s good enough to reban them, i reckon.

I’m seeing the same thing, but I can’t find where the receipt of their ban is, so I can only assume it’s a bug. I should probably see if rebanning them works, if they’re a policy/rule violater.

Edit: Looked everywhere I know to, couldn’t find the receipt of the ban. They don’t seem to be a rule breaker, though they do have a line about the ‘money vote’ in their bio, which is a right-wing concept so I’m on the fence about whether or not they break the no non-communists rule. Regardless, I’m going to let them stay for now, unless people object to my decision.

Is it really freedom if the CIA funded pirate radio station Radio Free Asia/Europe is suppressed?

criticism of the CPC and the Chinese government is legally protected, ya know, by law. Chinese citizens are free to criticise the government however they see fit. The notion that China has the power to censor whatever they like is, frankly, a western one.

“Article 35 Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.”

"Article 41 Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right to criticize and make suggestions regarding any State organ or functionary. Citizens have the right to make to relevant State organs complaints or charges against, or exposures of, any State organ or functionary for violation of law or dereliction of duty; but fabrication or distortion of facts for purposes of libel or false incrimination is prohibited.

The State organ concerned must, in a responsible manner and by ascertaining the facts, deal with the complaints, charges or exposures made by citizens. No one may suppress such complaints, charges and exposures or retaliate against the citizens making them.

Citizens who have suffered losses as a result of infringement of their civic rights by any State organ or functionary have the right to compensation in accordance with the provisions of law.“”

Imagine your country was specifically targeted by malicious propaganda via the internet constantly. You can’t use sites hosted by your political rivals, because your citizens will be bombarded with anti-you propaganda.

That’s the reality for China, so they blocked the western-backed sites. You can buy laptops with VPNs on them, some of them are supported by the government. But, by restricting easy access to western media, the CPC ensures their citizens won’t be flooded with hateful bullshittery on a daily basis. People who decide they want to visit western-backed sites are allowed to, but it’s at their discretion, which assumes they understand they’ll be faced with shit targetted directly at them.

There’s various youtube channels that upload from China, which in itself disproves that google is strictly prohibited. As well as blogs, facebook pages, etc. If you’re wondering why you don’t often see people from China using western sites that much, which sinophobes try to use as proof that they’re not allowed to use the sites, look no further than the sinophobes. People who live outside of the west detest being in our internet spaces, because no matter where you go - you’re going to find pages and pages of people shouting hateful filth. They’d much rather use domestically hosted sites, like Weibo and Vkontakte, where they only have to deal with the ideocy of locals and the occasional lost foreigner.

(Also note that western language speaking communities outside of the west tend to gravitate towards imperialist naratives, almost as though the provocation of English outside of the west was on purpose or something.)

really, the “firewall” isn’t really that much of a “wall”, and is more of a waist high gate. People who want to get over it can, pretty easily. But it keeps predators out, so it does its job.

racists online compared Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh, then made up that Winnie the Pooh was banned in china. Quite literally the comparison was nothing more than “yellow tubby man look funny”, which Redditors just added more ignorance to as the joke went on.

Tiananmen was a violent protest where pro-liberal students tried to oppose socialism by force. The violence was initiated by the protesters, and the majority of injuries were caused to cops. Western media initially reported honestly on the protests, admitting the students caused the violence and that the violence was relatively tame, then they started reporting dishonestly about it, making up large death tolls and spinning it as the PLA putting down a peaceful protest.

They pick so hard at a scab that doesn’t exist, while also implying that social democrats - who they admit still believe in capitalism - and liberals are comrades.

The only example of this actually happening, that I can think of, would be when the Greek communist party, and Golden Dawn teamed up against their shitty government. But even that’s not fully a unification between Communists and Fascists - it’s simply a political coalition forged through mutual understanding of the material conditions of Greece. (also the Greek communist party is kinda shitty, I’ve heard.)

For people who don’t know Texas, that’s the county Houston is in.

Houston city police are doing this, not some backwoods rural cops.

I don’t live too far from that county, thanks for the heads up god damn.

wHaT uR ComMiE? uR praCticaLLy A faSciSt!

love when people compare the people who liberated the jews from the holocaust camps, to the people who put the jews in the holocaust camps.

My favourite thing about Trotsky and Trotskyism, is he was meme’d into oblivion in the USSR. So much so, that if you found a trotskyist in an Ex-SR state, odds are they didn’t live during the union.

Trotsky is only remembered in popular culture because he symbolizes opposition to Stalin, that’s the only reason would-be-communists end up reading him. They want to be able to call themselves communist, and claim to be Marxists, but they don’t want to divorce anti-communist propaganda from their lexicon and would rather distance themselves from the Stalin era. Outside of the west, Trotsky’s theories have only really seemed to take root in central and south America. But, those comrades - other than the ones in Mexico - don’t distance themselves from the Stalin era, and instead uphold Trotsky’s theories on revolution and organizing (or, to my understanding, I still need to do a deeper dive on their version of Trotskyism).

Trots in the west really do just come out and tell you they’re anti-communist too, by puppetting conservative lines on AES. There’s a really good reason Trotskyism is referred to as a ‘communist to conservative pipeline’.

No, not allowing people to be racists, or sexist, etc is what Lemmy has always been about. Which is why I say, if you don’t agree with our decision to limit hatespeech, then Lemmy was never meant for you.

People who come in and say “well, people should be able to say these hateful words” set up the exact culture that turned every other site into cesspools. There’s no need to “see both sides”, as all that does is give the Rightwing a voice where they don’t deserve it. Lemmy isn’t a site for the Rightwing, plain and simple.

The stance we’ve taken on what we’ve called “oppressive speech” is anything that can or has been used to oppress other groups shouldn’t be allowed.

It’s much better to take away the voices of hateful people, than it is to let lemmy become a cesspool. We’d much rather have a community that upholds the mental well being of oppressed peoples, than one that tolerates hatespeech because someone not within the oppressed group doesn’t think the term is that bad.

So, no slurs, no offensive language, and absolutely no hatespeech.

If you don’t think this is how we should run the site, then lemmy might not be for you. Because the admins aren’t gonna budge on this.

I mean, though it’s not taught in the American education system, anyone who’s studied BPP already knew this. Anyone who was alive then knew this.

Are you saying this is common in Socialist countries? Because it isn’t.

Every Socialist country I can think of enforced workers rights that forbid forced labour. With the only exception being prison labour, however this practice has been abolished (or, at least, for the most part), so it doesn’t bare much point in arguing that a Socialist project is invalid because they put criminals to work.

Just like with the other post, you show you don’t really know a lot about Communist history, and that’s perfectly fine. But, it’s probably best if you spend a while engaging in existing dialogues and reading old forums/posts about the history and the theory before you start making posts like this. Because, and I only say this to be honest, it’s a bit annoying to have to explain the same thing multiple times, especially when all of this information has already been said.

those people are breadtubers, you didn’t mention it directly but you did mention breadtubers.

Neither ideology you listed functionally exists.

Marxism is inherently “democratic”, once you have a system that puts political power directly into the hands of proletarian masses at the local and communal levels, you eliminate the need for general elections and term limits. Simply put, once people have control over what happens in their communities, they no longer need local politicians to achieve goals for them. Various Socialist states have a plentitude of political parties, but as you’ll find if you should research them, the vast majority of them are Socialist parties that only really differ in interpretations of ‘what is to be done’ about the material conditions of the country in question. DPRK, for instance, has the Korean Worker’s Party - an ML-Juche party. Then you have the Social Democratic Party, which is still a far-left party that’s only different from WPK because it’s constructed of the nation’s merchants and business owners. Or, North Korea’s petty-bourgeois class.

In fact, the idea that there’s an “authoritarian” and a “libertarian” or “democratic” divide in politics is an intellectual fallacy. All ideologies, no matter how hands-off they may seem, utilise authoritarian methods to ensure the success of their system. The Anarchists of Spain used the militias to force workers to join unions, and used prison labour to boost their production abilities. That’s pretty frickin’ authoritarian if you ask me.

This brings us to Anarcho-Communism - an infantile ideology of anti-communist internet leftists. This is an ideology that’s only able to exist because westerners are simultaneously illiterate beyond belief on leftist politics, and propagandized to oblivion against Communism. This is an ideology for people who read The Communist Manifesto once, but still want to say things like “Stalin killed 245424642454246424542464245 and a half people!!”. I’ve covered this ideology in the past, and I will not conceal my absolute hatred of it. It’s a horseshit half-step that allows people to claim to be Marxists, while they shit all over Marxism.

You’ve said in other places that you’ve been radicalized by breadtube. Honestly, and I say this as someone who used to be very similar, work on changing that asap. Breadtube is filled with liberals who’re only in it for the money, and who use leftist aesthetic purely to fish for views. The actually well educated leftist YouTubers, like Bayarea or Luna Oi, don’t get half the attention shitty neo-libs like Contrapoints or Vaush get. If you want an education on leftism that isn’t just a bunch of anti-communists bickering about shit they don’t understand, please find the time to read literature first hand, and find the time to discuss it with other principled leftists. /c/communism101 and the main /c/communism are great places to discuss the literature and ask valuable questions to improve your understanding. Also please understand that Marxists tend to seem bitter and resentful, especially towards people who’re less as far in their radicalization, and I just wanna make sure you’re aware that it’s because the “fake” left repeatedly steals our aesthetics and theory just to make a mockery of it, and the anti-communists will find literally any excuse to harass us. Many of the people who’ve commented on this post rashly are only reacting from years of people completely misunderstanding Marxism, then telling them that they don’t understand what Marx really meant.

Also, a final note “tankie” is technically a slur. It’s not a terrible thing to say, but it’s used to smear Marxist-Leninists. And originates from anti-communists after they watched the NKVD put down an anti-communist counter-revolution in Hungary. The term directly implies that the user thinks the USSR shouldn’t have defended itself against people who wanted to introduce Western Liberalism to Hungary.


Unfortunately I can’t translate this one, if you can I’d like to know what it says. …

for the protection of workers-and-farmers-power…

Text reads (if google translate isn’t fuckin up) …

We Might Be Being Brigaded, Please Excuse the Bans

We were shared on an Anti-Communist 4chan-esque page, please don’t talk to or feed the trolls. The admin team will be trying to remove the trolls as quickly as we can. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. …