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Lately, It’s been Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator 19, Arma 3, and Hearts of Iron 4. But Minecraft’s a classic too, along with a few others.

A lot of the anarchists from my party ended up being arrested, going fash, or just vanishing from politics altogether - the last one only became more true after Biden won the election.

One of the Anarchists, who our first chairmen pushed really hard as a replacement for me against the wishes of literally everyone but himself and the anarchist in question, was accused of stalking a woman for blocks while holding a cleaver and shouting inappropriate things, I’m pretty sure they’re in prison now for it too.

It seems, at least to me, that many of the Anarchists who joined our party and demanded we assault our political opponents only wanted violence. They didn’t care about the good we were trying to do for the community, they didn’t care about our goals of expanding class conscienceness, nor did they care about the political process of winning the respect of the local population. They only cared for their selfish goals, which only benefitted them. While the party tried to put together food drives, the anarchists bickered that we weren’t taking the Fascists seriously. But, I fail to see how feeding the local poor isn’t taking the growing tide of Fascism seriously. Starving mouths care not for the hand that beats them, but for the hand that feeds them. The Anarchists suggested we beat them - seeing as many of the worst Fascists around here happen to be on food stamps and struggle to afford to live. We, the Communists, seeking the betterment of the community as a whole, tried to be the hand to feed them. In the end, the Anarchists disrupted our efforts so much that we had to drop the idea entirely and started to minimize our activist efforts, the party died after the first chairmen decided to spread lies about myself and my closest supporters in a move to consolidate more power for the ‘libertarians’ in the party. A party of about 300 people. In a relatively small town. Thats… full of anti-communists.

I’m ranting, but holy heck it seems too often that Anarchists are the biggest threat to leftism. More than liberals, more than fascists. Liberals will oppose us, Fascists will lie about us, but Anarchists will actively disorganize us.

Argentinian person: defends China

Redditors: “They’ve become more machine than man.”

idk how relevant this is, but once on an open forum that had communities for various ideologies (a browser ‘game’ called Nationstates, where players form a nation and pretend to run them) the community I was in had an Anarchist join who wanted to run for our community’s government to ‘dissolve’ it. When we memed them out of the community they complained in all of our related communities about tankies ‘ruining’ everything and being ‘evil authoritarians’, then joined an openly fascist community instead.

Similar happed in the Pagan leftist group I was a part of, the discord was meant to be moderated by multiple leftist ideologies and be non-sectarian. But one of the anarchist mods started banning people for being authoritarians, the Marxist-Leninist mod stopped using the discord, and the anarchists started running wild on anti-authoritarian crusades with highly sectarian rants, calling Marxist-Leninists all of the strawmen and slurs they know. Then, had the audacity to say the discord turned into a toxic cesspool because “tankies ruin everything”.

This also happened when I was one of the leaders of the (now defunct) local communist party. We had a bunch of anarchists join who kept suggesting we ignored both the laws and the hearts and minds of the local population - while the chief of police had been holding speeches at the church he went to, vowing to ‘kill and arrest’ every single one of us for being communists - and engage in illegal activities. Such as assault and battery of our political opponants, vandalism, etc. When we told them that all of that was the stupidest shit a political body could do without the support of the local population - who i’ll remind, were against us - they went on rants about how “tankies ruin everything”, “red fascists just wanna rule everything”, etc. We had to start a wing of the party specifically just for anarchists. But, being theoryless people with no concept of organization and democratic principles beyond the ego, they fizzled out pretty quickly after that. Seeingly the only thing that made them want to join in on our activism, was the chance to be contrarian and hold communists back from being capable of carrying out activism.

It is, truly, the Anarchists who ruin everything.

my favourite that isn’t on this list is claiming Zedong thought is its own unique ideology, not just an addendum to Marxism-Leninism in the Chinese situation, and try to use that to prove that Deng made China state-capitalist and bad. Which, really, is just a bunch’a non-Chinese speakers using an ideology that isn’t what they think (and Chinese people don’t use to describe their political ideals) and an ideology that doesn’t exist to prove that the biggest socialist economy in the world - ever - is somehow actually capitalist and evil.

This happened locally when ICE came to town 2 or so years ago.

My party tried everything we could to thwart and protest the police actions, I spent the entire week watching cop movements and communicating threats to my compatriots who were actively warning and instructing the local Hispanic community. I, personally, saw police officers visit parties being thrown by local fascists. The pseudo-klanmen who live in this area held a bonfire to celebrate ICE’s arrival, every cop in the county (bar a few) shared beers with them.

I’ve been excited about this since the first time I heard about it. More or less, this secures China’s ability to extend a global currency that isn’t based on or supported by the western currencies, which theoretically would pointedly keep the west from using economic sanctions and manipulation of foreign markets. The sinophobes are going to call this “Chinese imperialism” and throw shit at it, but this is a big step towards delousing the world of the west. This also simplifies things for the people who use the currency, as now all they need is either a phone or an account/card, instead of needing physical money, and it’s inherently counterfeit-proof.

I’m obviously biased, but I see very very few downsides for China and their economic partners with this. Where before the US and the EU would just flood regions with USD and manipulate the local economies of imperialized parts of the world, now those countries have a strong protection against coercion from the imperialists. If all goes well, I’d expect we’ll see countries in the imperialized world finally be able to stand strong economically.

I’ve always thought it should be this, it just kinda makes sense.

You should probably edit the title to be something readable.

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I haven’t tried the link, but it should work

when (or if) someone reads this, It would be nice to have a summary of it. I don’t have time to read it.

this is a really old post, sorry to bring up an old one.

Really, this would be worse than the current system. Like, yeah, there’s an argument to be made that it would force users to explain themselves. But the reality of the situation is, a majority of downvote comments would be useless stuff like “no” or “fuck you”, and that’d just become cluttering and a bit toxic. Especially on posts that get downvoted into oblivion.

So, Like, Sure. Some people would write out a full explanation of why they disagreed with something, but most people just wouldn’t want to give it the time of day. So, Either comment sections become hell, or people become deterred from voting, and bad content doesn’t get the downvoting it deserves.

if they are a bot, it’s not the worst thing a bot could do. Seems mostly harmless, so I’m not gonna do anything about it for the time being.

If you’re handing out flyers or pamphlets, there’s various pamphlets written by noted leftists. Orwell wrote a bunch of them, though I don’t suggest using Orwell for anything as he’s an anti-communist.

In my opinion, it’s always best to either write your own handouts, or use a handout written by someone in your community or political party. As that allows you to adjust the narrative to fit the material conditions of the local situation, and rally people using observable issues in communities that the handout recipients are already in. This is also nice if the community doesn’t speak English, people prefer to read important information in their native languages. This can also be helpful because it looks less like a communist screaming “read lenin” at passers-by, which is something anti-theorists seem to think is a problem on the left. (the absolute fools)

If you’re looking for texts that you can read that will help you explain to people why Marxism is important. The Communist Manifesto is always a go-for. ‘Foundations of Leninism’ by Stalin’s a pretty good one imo, but you should read it after ‘State and Revolution’ by Lenin. And I’ve noticed most popular communist theorists wrote short works while they agitated for revolution. is a great place to start looking, Lenin has a lot of shorties that you’ll find there. Also, don’t shy away from reading non-marxist texts, or texts that aren’t Marxist-Leninist, in my opinion, it’s vital that communist movements read as much theory as they can and constantly challenge their perspectives. It’s hard to do that if you only ever read ML theory. (crack open some ‘conquest of bread’ with the boys sometime, ‘libertarian’ and Anarchist theory’s got a lotta really good points. Also, it’s not a bad idea to read filth like ‘The Doctrine of Fascism’ by Mussolini, as it’ll give you a better understanding of Fascism and how people end up falling to such a vile ideology.)

Communist countries having banners, paintings, and statues of the ‘great leaders’ isn’t unlike Americans using Washington’s image to visually describe their patriotism. That’s really all it is, respect for the “founders” of communism in their country or the “founders” of ideology for their particular form of Marxism. It doesn’t really have much of a life outside of this. (other than in NazBol types, and western depictions of communists)

Peasants in Russia and the EX-SR states still proudly display framed pictures of Lenin and Stalin, because they represent a better time for those regions. Modern communists the world over proudly display Lenin out of respect for the importance of Leninism in modern communist theory. DPRK displays the Kim family out of admiration of Il-sung and he and his son’s contributions to the Juche ideology.

It’s a western narrative that these are “cults of personality”, built by people who cultishly support figures like Thatcher, or Reagan, or Obama. They looked at communist countries proudly displaying their historic leaders and their important figures for ideology, and decide to create a myth around this. Specifically to push an anti-communist ideal that communism was for the mentally unwell. Orwell likened Communists to “sandal wearers”, for instance.

it’s almost as though it’s easier to control narratives for people when they can’t just read the sources for themselves.

What’s that saying (that I heard a fucktonne when I was on the right)? “The most dangerous thing you can do for a man, is teach him to read” or something.

I can’t wait to start seeing the camps show up on FOX news, as the conservatives start to blame Biden for them. (or go back to old scape goats and blame Obama, which would strangely enough be more correct than blaming Biden.)

not kissing every kitty you see on the forehead. It should be punishable by death.

I don’t see a major issue with this, if it’s implemented right. As it stands, only site admins have full control of lemmy instances - and we don’t really get too invested in how communities moderate. So it would really just be up for community mods to edit titles as they see fit. If the post had a little “edited by moderator” flag next to the title, and perhaps a way to see what was editted, a lot of the concerns about misuse would be negated. This is also the kind of thing we’d add to the modlog, where we keep moderation transparent.

Then, of course, communities who are known to abuse the function could just be avoided by the broader lemmy community. Anyone can start their own instances if it seems like others are being filled with misuse, as well anyone can create a replacement community for ones that are being misused too.

And no, Lemmy isn’t open for far-right instances, read the site rules on the ‘Join Lemmy’ page. (saying that here, because someone misunderstood in the comments on this post).


Unfortunately I can’t translate this one, if you can I’d like to know what it says. …

for the protection of workers-and-farmers-power…

Text reads (if google translate isn’t fuckin up) …

We Might Be Being Brigaded, Please Excuse the Bans

We were shared on an Anti-Communist 4chan-esque page, please don’t talk to or feed the trolls. The admin team will be trying to remove the trolls as quickly as we can. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. …