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Kaepernick’s social justice oriented SPAC is some peak woke liberalism.

under the guise of “giving women their dignity back"

In the poster, it doesn’t seem like it. Though I don’t disbelieve you, because narratives like this are often exploited to pass off fascism under a palatable disguise. The poster according to google translate says “Stop radical islam. Ban the concealment of the face.” Not sure how they arrived at the conclusion that concealing the face is the cause of radical Islam but usually their zero consistency in their logic so it’s not surprising.

Since you don’t mind him, there is a good interview/podcast of him with Jacobin (sadly) about the rise of Hindu nationalism in India. Give it a listen if you have the time for it. I think he explains things very well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzwCBnYZgbE

Also you can skip the parts where the Jacobin dude is talking because he adds nothing.

Vijay Prashad seems to have a good grasp on what’s going on around the world. Seems to be very well informed.

Also his grandmother was from Burma.

Damn. I am only five minutes in but this documentary is very good. I wish there was stuff like this in English.

What’s sad is that because of how prevalent orientalism and islamophobia is in the west, people seem to be consistently deriving the wrong conclusion from this fact: that Muslim countries actually don’t care about Muslims and that imperialist and settler-colonial nations of the first world know what’s better for Muslim people than them.

This is pretty terrible. RIP to her. Whenever they are not trying to launder their reputation via popular media, ROK comes off as pretty reactionary especially for a decently developed nation. But I don’t know much about them.

I wonder. I don’t think a communist uprising is plausible at the moment because no communist party has a nationwide appeal, which is important to win national elections. But maybe it’s just a response to unrest in general because people are sick of neoliberal fuckery.

In March 2018, Hasél was sentenced to two years in prison for praising GRAPO terrorism and insulting King Juan Carlos I on Twitter.[11] In early 2021, he was ordered to voluntarily enter prison to serve a nine-month sentence for this conviction. He publicly refused this order,[31] and was eventually arrested on 16 February. Hasel, alongside a group of over 50 students, had barricaded himself inside University of Lleida’s rectorate building in protest against his sentence.

I had some doubts but looks like they actually booked him for insulting the king. I find this too ridiculous to believe for an European country in the 21st century. But turns out, another rapper had to flee to Belgium for similar reasons.

I had no idea Spain was like this.

The regime is definitely repressive and extremely so but that US think tank BS seems like pretext to regime change.

Maybe this has something to do with the Indian government trying to put restrictions on Amazon, Twitter? Or failing to pass the farm bills? I can’t say for sure.

US also has a ridiculously high number of foreign postgrad students. Their education system is not sustainable. Sooner or later it will give in.

Great suggestion regarding the story. I have posted it as HTML in case there are some people like me who don’t like reading PDFs: https://ksynwa.xyz/posts/malak/

A US spy in the UK blows my mind but if I think about it it’s not that surprising.

the woman at bottom is at brunch in her profile picture

VoC is pretty parody tier which exists only because western capitalist countries and their capitalists are anti-communist. They know what they are doing. At least the higher-ups who fund and run the org. Maybe some of lower-downs are indoctrinated proles. Not that it’s important.

  • curing cancer too fast
  • dealing with covid so well that the populace becomes complacent
  • being too generous with giving developing countries access to covid vaccines

Why do politicians in the USA oppose the $2000 stimulus?

On a reddit comment I saw some Republican apologia (they don’t think direct cash payment is the best way to stimulate the economy, it’s because of the deficit) so I got thinking and realised I don’t have concrete knowledge of why they oppose it. Is it because it will squeeze money out of handouts th…

An Overview of the Farmers' Protests in India

This article has a good class-based analysis of the peasant agitation against the proposed farm bills. I recommend reading it in its entirety but I will copy…

What was China's diplomatic status like before embracing Deng's policies?

In a conversation with Morrin, Hakim (both youtubers) said China was diplomatically isolated at that point. By the west because the Mao era, and I know that their relations with immediate neighbours aren’t the best right now. Can someone tell more about this?..

Looking for a video of a USAmerican CIA/military dude saying something about Xinjiang.

It’s a video that I saw on Twitter that I forgot to save. It’s old, from before the Uyghur genocide propaganda flooded the airwaves. It’s some American military person saying something about why Xinjiang was an area of interest. …

What is anarcho-communism?

Some western folk call themselves anarcho-communist. What does this mean?..

This professor’s accent sounds a bit like Bernie Sander’s. If only Bernie was this based. I have downloaded the whole playlist onto my computer (~8.7GB) and plan on finishing this series if it’s good. …