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A lot of the famous communist leaders, like Lenin, were actually against things that could be perceived as a cult of personality. Lenin didn’t want to be memoralized as he has become as he felt it would betray the fact that it wasn’t him that led to revolution, but the working class and the vanguard.

It’s a very valid point and MLs know that, but I think it was Stalin that also noticed that people still desired to uphold him and celebrate pivotal figures. There’s a line between celebrating people important to the movement who were great theorists and organizers while also knowing the struggle is amongst the working class. The reverence socialist countries have for prior leaders is out of respect as others here have already said and for commemorating their importance to their liberation movement.

The only other pig I know who’s having a trial is Thao, though it’s for lesser charges since “he just stood there” and isn’t happening right now. I don’t think the other two are facing any repercussions.

Not entirely yet. The kidnapping charge has been dropped, but the comrades still face charges amounting to over 30 years in prison. A huge victory but the fight continues

Due to the criminal negligence and mismanagement of ERCOT and the other officials managing the Texas energy grid, Winter Storm Uri was a disaster. Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation on February 28th at 2pm CT in demanding that ERCOT and all other public utilities be placed under public cont…

It’s everyone, honestly. The Houston sub can be pretty reactionary, and the Texas one even worse, yet there’s some hope I’ve seem in there. Reddit is ofc very white and “middle-class” so we won’t know much until we can get out to the masses, but I’m not totally deflated while reading shit online so that’s honestly and unfortunately progress in that circle

Just judging off online voices, people are incredibly pissed. While the majority haven’t named or realized capitalism is the issue at hand (most are blaming Republican, calls for voting them out, etc.), there are still threads of radicalization going through commentary. Some are pointing out the issues aren’t based on political party affiliations but the system is the issue.

Community is dead so here's my Void story

Been using Linux fulltime since about 2014 or so. First half of my life up to then was on Windows, second was on Mac. At the start of the decade is when I noticed Apple’s increasingly closed-off computing gaining more traction, and it struck me as wrong. I had tested Ubuntu out around 2009 in a VM b…

We have big water jugs we filled with water before the storm, but we only got 2/4 filled. Swung by the store this morning and managed to find two small hand jugs of water, so we’re okay with that. No showers or anything though but we washed on Sunday

No, luckily. The apartment manager sent out an email that they’ve shut water off for the whole complex because some peoples’ pipes burst, but we never tried to use water when we had power for a few hours yesterday so that probably helped

No wonder the question sounded so familiar lol. I was gonna type more but I was too tired and my hands too cold.

I got power back early this morning, but guaranteed it’ll go out again very soon

There’s been next to no communication from the energy company distributor and the “non-profit” that control the grid. So we honestly have no clue, the story’s changed from rolling outages, to power back on Tuesday, to now a answer of nebulous days. I think at this point we just have to wait until the weekend because I’m sure they’re going to be waiting until things thaw instead of doing anything.

Oh I mean the guy who tweeted the screenshot. My first time living in the US and I meet him lol

Lmao I went to school in Florida with the OP. He’s a privileged DSA-rose twitter type tech bro, I’ve seen awful takes of his posted around so many time

Wouldn’t be surprised if he posted takes shitting on the people in the South for living in a red state

People who complain about “censorship” and “authoritarianism” while espouting the benefits of “freedom of speech” are exactly the type of people you don’t want around.

If there’s been discussion on lemmy.ml about this topic, I haven’t gotten around to seeing it. But from what I’ve noticed from witnessing this type of discussion all over the web is that these calls always come from either the most reactionary users or enablers i.e. those that would rather sit on the sidelines and either let it happen or put up a weak front because they have a right to “free speech.”

Unfortunately, this libertation-esque ethos runs deep in so many online spaces, where they’d rather have vague notions of freedom that obviously benefit them at the expense of others. Spaces like lemmy are not for them, and while there’s nothing lemmy can do about it, going against the grain and purging that type of vitriol is the best way to keep it from turning into the shitholes ranging from Reddit’s “enlightened centrism” to outright fascist spaces like *chans or gab.

What he deserves

I can’t stop laughing at this …


Brave is basically just a reskinned Chromium-base browser, with it’s only difference being that it default blocks ads/trackers. The problem is that it injects its own ads and uses your browser to mine for cryptocurrency. I think that’s the gist of it, I haven’t really looked at it as any other browser can already block ads/trackers, so what’s the point? The CEO is also homophobic and left Mozilla over it to make this; not a good look.

IPFS? Cool, it’s a neat protocol that I’d love to see improve more. Brave? No.

The fascists definitely thought they’d get more help from those sympathetic within the state apparatus, but even then they just wouldn’t have been able to hold onto power. Trump just didn’t have the backing necessary to seize anything and the majority of the bourgeoise are still hesitant on going full fascist

I feel sort of the opposite.

The US is the most powerful imperial country on Earth, its the literal belly of the beast. The amount of capital at its disposal is immense. It wouldn’t make much sense to do a “tactical retreat” as the PRC had to as the productive forces in the country are nowhere near the level they were post-revolution for China. There’s no need to build it up to meet peoples’ needs, no need to form a front against a hostile nation.

The wealth gap in the US is increasing; the “middle class” is shrinking to where the “lower class” is where most of these people end up. As this slow-burn crisis continues to expand and peoples’ material conditions further deteriorate, it becomes much easier for people to realize something is wrong. Education and radicalization is what will get the masses around the idea that the “American Dream” is all a farce.

Post-revolution, if the US were to follow the Chinese model, it would only end up empowering the already very powerful bourgeoisie, making the task of the vanguard so much more difficult. China started from even more feudal conditions than Russia; there really wasn’t a bourgeoisie like in Western capitalist nations. The gradual opening of the market (socialism with Chinese characteristics) has allowed the CPC to enact control on what happens with the growing bourgeoisie (and all the contradictions that they then have to manage as well). Meanwhile in the US, the bourgeoisie already exist and are incredibly bunkered-in.

It would be a disservice to the revolution to give them an inch. It’s the job of the US vanguard party to tear down everything, which not only benefits the working class of the US, but lifts the boot of imperialism around the world. The US controls so much internationally that the other Western nations would be scrambling to fill in the vacuum left in its wake, teetering the balance of power more in the favor of the international proletariat.

“So essentially there is not much democracy in this group.”

The critiques on Becker end up in dead ends, whether it be on PSL being a “Becker party” or this that somehow always gets brought up despite it always being debunked.

Becker has been a member and has held a role in national leadership for a while, that’s really all there is. He isn’t some overarching leader consolidating power, and it seems anti-PSL rhetoric just ends up getting pointed to him from other communist tendencies. It’s like saying Lenin or Stalin had some iron-rule over the party and everyone had to listen to them.

“PSL doesn’t mention their ideology as Marxist-Leninist, not even in their constitution (which is a private document, abnormal of ML orgs). They instead prefer “revolutionary socialists.””

I’ll admit that I was confused about this when I first got in contact with the party, but the reasoning is sound. Outwardly we don’t present ourselves as communists or MLs, which I touched on above, for the reason that doing so in the US at this time would pretty much end PSL becoming in touch with the masses. Communism has been the US boogeyman for over a century at this point, not going mask off was a decision made by the party specifically in order to be more approachable. Outside of the internet, it really isn’t a good idea to approach strangers by shoving Lenin in their face.

I don’t have the exact quote, but Lenin did say to judge a party not by its slogans and names but by its actions. And even if you’re not in the party, reading the more in-depth analysis and party-line statements on Liberation School and even the usually shorter articles on Liberation News will show we keep to a strictly ML line. Internally we view ourselves entirely as ML and party discussions etc. show that, although every once in a while we’ll let it slip in an article or something that yes, we are Leninists :smirking face:

Resident PSL member here who obviously recs PSL.

PCUSA is fine enough. Their split from CPUSA seems justified due to the massive revisionism and anecdotally don’t seem at all the serious party they once were. But PCUSA really isn’t that either and I can’t see them as a potential vanguard party. Can’t complain much about their line as they specifically call themselves anti-revisionist, but that also seems to be their biggest downfall, typical of most staunch “anti-revisionists” (at least in the West).

I won’t make shots against their size as they’re still very small, but they come off as LARPers for the most part; they’re looked on as Hoxhaists for a reason. As cool as it is to be unabashedly ML in their image, it does nothing to meet the needs of the people in any way. They seem more preoccupied with that “pure” revolution idea than with relating to the masses and being with the people. Now is not the time to be waving around ☭ flags when the vast majority of America is still so staunchly anti-communist in any way. You have to meet people with how you will help them materially first and foremost while following a Leninist line, not throw Stalin at people (as fun as it is) and be more preoccupied with shitting on “leftbook” than you are with being a professional Marxist revolutionary party (regarding the leftbook article, a few of my comrades know her IRL and she was literally a Nazi until like a year ago. Like why does that article even need to exist? It’s not like the substance is bad but just what’s the point of making an article bashing leftbook as something that needs to be said by a communist party striving to be the vanguard?).

Edit: Also their most recent line on BLM is absolutely awful. They spend more time buying into the bourgeois story of “anarchists” having caused the riots than they do supporting an anti-police rebellion. No matter how imperfect the whole of the recent BLM protests have been, it 100% deserves our support

Honestly as a communist instance, anti-communism and anti-Marxism should be barred, which includes basically all anarchists under that umbrella.