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Did the CIA have to deal with anxiety when they waterboarded some middle-eastern folk? Asking out of concern.

I would just ignore him then.

I’m not in the habit of ignoring people who ought to be ignored myself though.

I get that you apparently want to be a farmer but why should everyone want to be?

Is that something you said (that everyone should want to be a farmer) or just words he put in your mouth?

Well at least those people got their first dose I suppose. 1 dose alone dose a lot for developing immunity, at least in the Pfizer vaccine. I wish that anti-vaxxers would just admit that they just don’t want to get it because they are scared/don’t like needles.

In the trials for the Pfizer vaccine a similar thing happened with people refusing their second dose compared to their first dose. Assuming I’m interpreting this correctly, 100 participants ended up not taking their first dose, while just over 600 didn’t take their second dose, 6x larger.

You have got to break down all of the collagen in between the meat fibres.

Lol, there are torrents for cracked photoshop versions which work. Adobe is fucking extortion.

They charge extra just for High Definition and that takes the piss.

Another issue I’ve run into is that for some reasons, the voice track volume was always extremely low.

VLC media player (I’m assuming that this was the application you used) has the default volume set at 100%. What is not immediately apparent is that the maximum volume is in fact 200%, not 100%. Or in other words, half it’s advertised volume. I don’t know who the hell thought up the idea to implement that, but it is a very stupid one. On Android and iOS (perhaps also Windows/OSX/Linux too) you have to go into the settings to enable the full volume.

I currently use a Raspberry Pi 3B (not plus, I think) with SAMBA on my LAN with no visible problems. I’ve never used Kodi, I just put downloaded files from torrents onto my RPi from my desktop PC.

I don’t know if the issue is with Kodi, or if it is from a possible bottleneck from reading data from the external drives, and going through a hub. I’ve just been putting the data onto a 128GB microSD card containing the OS. The medium did cost me a fair bit back in 2018 (£28.50, almost as much as the raspberry pi itself, excluding accessories). In 2021, you can get roughly the same thing I bought in 2018 for £15, or instead, a 256GB (100MB/s) microSD card for £35 - on Amazon (don’t use that though).

However it is still dwarfed by my Netflix bill of £5.99/month over 43 months, adding to a total of £257.57. All for something intangible that I didn’t need to use. In perspective though, my VPN subscription is €5, which I need to access torrent sites, however I’m happy paying that, even if it does add up to hundreds over years. I hope I never sink in another £5.99, especially post-“Cuties”.

“Twat” doesn’t mean vagina, it’s a slang term for clitoris.

Google told me it meant vagina, lol.

Test: twat cunt

Guess that’s been removed now.

As a Scottish person, I’ve been tripped up by the slur filter only twice. Once was when I used the c word to describe Dominic Raab (I still stand by that), and the other was when I used twit by with an A instead of an I. I genuinely had no idea that it actually meant vagina! I’ve heard it since I was a child and had no idea what it actually meant.

Still, you can’t really complain about it, it’s more of a trivial thing to people who aren’t being offensive.

I think the sucker one has to have a word which means “male chicken” as a prefix to kick in.

Betteridge’s law of headlines is an adage that states: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”