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Yep, he basically says out loud what a lot of people think, namely criticising the monarchy and the capitalist state. And of course the state cant let that go unpunished.

Anyway, Pablo Hasél is a great musician, here’s his song Comunista (English lyrics).

Parliaments in capitalist states are nothing but theater to distract the masses. None of these politicians would act against the system which makes them rich.

Is this according to the same experts who said that western countries were best prepared for a pandemic? Because at least in Germany, the vaccination campaign is a huge failure so far.

I dont think that people on the left consciously support rape. Framing it like this will just get people’s feelings hurt, and they wont listen to anything you say. Instead it will end up with accusations being thrown back and forth, as we can see here.

Prostitution is certainly an important issue to discuss, and polyamoury is also an interesting topic. Maybe you can make a new thread to discuss those, but please try to formulate it in a way that no one will feel offended.

I think you are taking this whole discussion very personally, without really considering the opposte argument. This is not a good basis for discussion.

I agree that its not as easy as banning prostitution and be done with it (I mentioned this in my previous comment). But dont you think that it is very dehumanizing that women have to sell their own body just to make a living? As XiangMai mentioned, this results in issues such as human trafficking, and for that reason alone prostitution should be discouraged. Of course thats not easy, but that doesnt mean we should give up from the start.

IMO you are being a pro rapist if you think that prostitution should be illegal under capitalism

That is a very strong accusation, and you aren’t giving any argument at all in support of it.

It sounds like you understand illegalising prostitution as throwing the prostitutes in jail, but its not that at all. It means to give dignified jobs and living conditions to these women (and men). If anything, the people who pay for prostitution should be criminalised.

Youre welcome! By the way, I’m really confused why so many people are downvoting your post.

I agree with your view on prostitution. Here is a somewhat longer analysis, from this document (page 17, in Spanish).

Prostitution: is the phenomenon of sexual exploitation of women’s bodies, being absolutely the fruit of historical material conditions such as private property, inheritance and monogamy. The system’s control of the utilization of women’s bodies and sexuality implies a total patriarchal and capitalist domination of sexuality, which finds its climax in the buying and selling of sex and consent. In this way, the market makes a niche for itself at the expense of the sexual exploitation of women, deepening their objectification and sexualization as a dehumanized subject, devoid of the basic rights of society. We can analyze prostitution as the greatest form of patriarchal and capitalist exploitation of working women. Prostitution also applies the commercial logic to sexual activity, under the premise that “everything that can be paid for can be sold”. Prostitution is not work, since it does not use labor power, but turns women into a means of production, i.e., they are stripped of their human category to become a commodity.

Regarding polyamoury, in my view that is mainly a phenomenon in the United States. It could be related to the fact individualist ideology is so widespread there, that people arent able to compromise enough with a potential partner to form a stable relationship.

Too true. The entire country is unbelievably delusional.

True, the car industry is extremely important and powerful in Germany. They have pushed against the “uighur genocide” propaganda, because they dont want to risk their profits in China.

South America is extremely divided between different ideologies, it will take decades for them to unite. I think its more likely that Africa will unite first, especially because they get support from China, and have a lot of natural resources.

Public opinion is one thing, but CDU/CSU/SPD who are in government now still have over 50% of votes in polls, and as long as they are in power, not much is gonna change.


I really wouldnt get my hopes up for Germany to do that. Almost all the politicians have very tight links to the USA, and no reason to change that.

Interesting, thanks! So the number of people who favor reunification seems to go up steeply.

Link to the article? The South Koreans I talked to said that most young people dont care about unification at all.

I would like to make a community for movies (or media in general) from socialist countries. Any good ideas for a name?..

In some ways, the U.S. is like a toddler catching his breath after throwing a temper tantrum because he was denied a toy. …