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enhanced methods

In other words, torture. They openly admit that they think torture is “better” than normal interrogation. I would say that is the language of fascism.

You really think its that easy to get a residence permit? As far as I know DPRK has their borders completely closed since the start of the pandemic, so its not even possible to visit.

By the way if you love the free market so much, why dont you move to Somalia?

So to summarize, you believe the western media and I believe the eastern media. Which is legitimate because there is currently no solid proof for either perspective.

I know that additional people left the plane, as far as I know they had booked flights to Minsk with transit in Latvia, so of course there was no reason for them to fly back and forth to the same place.

I have never lived in Russia or Belarus, but I would definitely like to. Unfortunately I dont speak the language, and my personal situation doesnt allow it.

it was planned hijack

Yes thats what the western media claims, but so far I havent seen any proof (except for “Belarus is an evil dictatorship”).

Well if the articles by moonofalabama are to be believed, the flight in Belarus was forced to land solely based on a threat which came by email. That means anyone can get a plane to land, if they find out the airports email address. Any individual could have done that, or it could have been done by a state to show the western hypocrisy.

I guarantee you, if there was someone on the plane with an outstanding arrest warrant, they would definitely have been arrested. By the way, did you know that Germany is not allowed to issue European arrest warrants? Its because the public prosecutors are not independent. So they have a good reason to arrest someone this way instead.

Where have I heard this story before? Sanctions on Germany when?..

Where have I heard this story before? Sanctions on Germany when?..

That day when a Spanish Paratrooper got stuck on a Lamppost during a parade, right in front of the King

I love how everyone is standing around awkwardly while the guy hangs there and fumbles around. The king and is family watch, and then everyone starts clapping for some reason. This guy is representing his country on national day, and its a complete embarrassment. That must have been a hard day for S…

“The only democracy in the middle east”

The EU and NATO basically exist as tools that help the US to exercise control over Europe. This spying is just a normal part of that control. And I dont think it can be considered as inter-imperialist conflict, because Europe is not independent from the US (just look how many military bases they have here).

The tragedies of genocide in the Western world have constantly shown to the world that the West is completely unqualified to stand on the so-called moral high ground on this issue. Moreover, this once again confirms a pattern that many Chinese netizens have discovered, that is: All the unwarranted …

It doesnt.

They scrambled a fighter jet to watch over the plane as is usual with any plane that gets threatened or hijacked. The Ryanair pilot was left unaware of this.

This newssource claims that the plane wasn’t forced down by Belarius and a fighter jet

The conclusion is based on the radio traffic between the plane and Belarussian air traffic control, which their government released here (scroll to the bottom). Note that the pilot doesnt mention the fighter jet at all.

You might say that the transcript is not accurate, but this communication is entirely unencrypted. If Belarus made any modifications, the airline or neighboring countries would surely notice and contest it. I havent seen anyone contest the correctness of the transcript, which makes me assume that it is correct.

By The Book - What Really Happened With The Ryanair Flight In Belarus

The theory mentioned at the end is really interesting. That the bomb threat was sent by the CIA/NED or one of their puppets, sacrificing Protasevich in order to create a trap for Belarus, and unleashing new propaganda and sanctions against the country. [According to this article](https://www.anti-sp

The EU parliament is also openly calling for regime change in Russia. The funny thing is that no one even cares, because the parliament is just for show and has no power at all.


Israelis are scared, even their police is running away. By the way that account has a lot of good info directly translated from Arabic.


All you do is keep throwing links at me which are easy to refute. But I wont do that, instead I will just give you one link: https://web.archive.org/web/20200829152829/https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d0lynghlCnR6Hs57pypEEhlhHczFVgaYX-TIZD61s_w/mobilebasic

I know that you probably wont read it. Just accept the fact that this is a controversial issue and I have a different opinion from yours.

Okay thats good, but I still dont understand what the hell you are talking about. You keep talking about atrocities in China, but all you have shown are fake news. I am not “falling on the sword” and I am not gaining anything. I have simply investigated the issue and cone to a conclusion. If you disagree with my opinion, thats not my problem.

This doesnt really make sense. In the case of Palestine, it is only the US that is vetoing decisions against Israeli occupation. Iraq I believe was invaded by the US and some of its puppet states without having a UN mandate, which makes it an illegal invasion. So its not the fault of the UN, but the United States ignoring international law and violating human rights, as always.

You are literally spreading fake news right now: The Case of the Keriya Aitika Mosque. As for the wikipedia article, did you actually look at any of the sources? If you do, please let me know how many of them go back to the US funded lunatic Adrian Zenz.

I have a question for you, do you consider the massacre against Palestinians as a genocide? What about the Saudi slaughter in Yemen, or the brutal US occupation of Arabic countries in East Asia and Africa? Before you cry whataboutism, I simply want to know if you actually care about human rights, or just parrot the western narrative against its official enemies.

“No you see, Israel can do no wrong because jews were victims of the holocaust, and for that reason we can never criticize them, but must support them at all cost”. Thats how these people think, but for some reason they dont apply the same logic to the communists who were murdered by nazis.