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This is real the beauty of the whole thing. Now that Western companies have become dependent on the infrastructure in China there is no path for them to wean off of it even if they wanted to. Markets are structured so that companies have to keep posting quarterly profits, and moving stuff out of China simply can’t be justified in such a climate. Furthermore, any company that did decide to move infrastructure out of China would be at a competitive disadvantage with those that didn’t.

When the whole decoupling talk started last year I thought it was completely hilarious, and it was obvious that nothing of the sort could happen. Now we have proof of that with EU signing a big trade deal with China and RCEP deal in Asia.

It also looks like China has already caught up technologically to the West, they’re able to produce anything Western companies can produce, and they’re even leading in many areas. China educated a whole generation of scientists and engineers in top Western universities many of whom returned to teach at home. China now produces something like 8 to 1 STEM graduates compared to the states, and has majority of world’s high tech manufacturing facilities.

The main advantage of business ties for China is that it prevents any possibility of open conflict. Business interests dictate the policy in the West and as long as trade with China is profitable there is no possibility of any openly hostile action. You’ll see politicians moan and squirm, but in the end they will fall in line and do what’s good for business.

The really exciting part is that China appears to be confident enough to start flexing globally by doing things like putting sanctions on US forcing companies to choose whom they will trade with. This may lead to US being economically isolated going forward. EU signing the trade deal despite US protests is a sign of things to come.

This i fantastic news, and I’m incredibly excited about China throwing weight behind the open RISC-V architecture.

Getting free

I also highly recommend reading Is Greed All that’s Wrong with Capitalism? …

Yeah exactly, if you know a specific exploit then it’s not that hard to design the system in a way that looks innocuous, while being compromised. Without knowing the nature of the exploit it can be incredibly difficult for a third party to find it.

The thing to remember is that cryptography is very tricky business, and even when an algorithm is sound on paper that does not guarantee that it’s implemented in a secure way. A famous example is when NSA “helped” develop the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic key exchange standard and introduced a vulnerability that nobody noticed for a very long time.

Any standard that’s been developed in conjunction with US agencies should be considered compromised in my opinion.

If China nationalizes Alibaba that would be absolutely phenomenal, that would basically be the equivalent of Amazon being nationalized. I’m cautiously optimistic about this.

I’ve been using Mastodon for a couple of years now and it’s become significantly more active in that time from what I see anecdotally. That said, I’d say the key question for health is whether the community is big enough to support ongoing development and hosting. I think at this point the answer to both questions is a definite yes. There are millions of users in the Fediverse now, plenty of users are technical and are actively contributing.

I think we’ll see active users fluctuate over time, but I don’t see the core base of users abandoning Fediverse at this point because they’ve already established their social networks here.

Yeah it’s a nonsensical puritan ethic, and I think it’s also possible to argue that this is actually driving the climate disaster. We need to be doing degrowth and we should be minimizing work and production. The idea that everybody has to work just for the sake of doing work is directly at odds with that.

I actually had a discussion about this with a few friends recently. Doing something similar without the religious aspects seems like it would be a really cool idea. If you could get enough people to buy into building a commune, but use technology as much as possible to minimize required work for everybody.

The way I look at it is that federation between different services using ActivityPub can be a huge differentiating factor from commercial social media. Commercial services are walled gardens because their incentive is to keep users on their service, and they see other services as competition for users creating a zero sum game scenario.

On the other hand, ActivityPub federation is a positive sum game. The more services federate with each other the more overall content is available to everybody in the federated network. I think this is the core argument for different services being interoperable.

I totally agree it’s not a priority though, but definitely something to consider in the long term.

Yeah, he talks about this problem in detail in Blackshirts and Reds. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Impulsive lifestyle traits generally mean people acting based on their emotional state without thinking the situation through analytically. And I’m assuming prejudice as a stable characteristic is just a fancy way to say they’re racist.

This is such a phenomenally terrible idea that I don’t even know where to begin…