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Might be worth making a thread about it, even to just encourage people to make backup accounts here in case subreddit gets banned.

I highly recommend reading Das Kapital at some point. It’s a fairly tough read, but definitely worth it to get a serious grounding in theory. Most serious leftist theory works relate to it one way or another making it fundamental material.

However, Wage Labour and Capital and Value, Price and Profit both encompass the central points of Das Kapital while being much more concise and easy to read.

I also highly recommend Lenin’s Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism and The State and Revolution. The first is a good intro to the mechanics of capitalism that lead to monopolies, capital concentration, colonization, and wars. The second discusses why reformism within the system is futile and the need for revolutionary change. Both are essential works in my opinion. Meanwhile, Lenin’s “Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder reflects on how Bolsheviks built their movement and advice on power building for a serious working class party.

For more modern works I think that Michael Parenti’s Blackshirts and Reds and Inventing Reality are must reads.

Going to communities and helping people is an important step towards building a revolution. A revolution can’t happen without people being organized and being able to support each other. However, this alone is also not sufficient for a revolution to happen.

I highly recommend reading Lenin’s The State and Revolution for a longer discussion of the topic. The short of it is that the state exists as a way to manage conflict between the classes and represents the interests of the class that controls the state. A capitalist state represents the interests of capitalists and represses the working class. The current state apparatus is actively used to crush any worker resistance and organization. Good examples of this was how occupy protests were crushed in 2009 or recent George Floyd protests.

Leninists say that this state must be torn down, however class conflict will not simply disappear when that happens. Therefore we need to create a socialist state that represents the interests of the working class. This is what the dictatorship of the proletariat refers to. This state can then wither away as society becomes more egalitarian. As Lenin puts it in [chatper 5]:

Only in communist society, when the resistance of the capitalists have disappeared, when there are no classes (i.e., when there is no distinction between the members of society as regards their relation to the social means of production), only then “the state… ceases to exist”, and “it becomes possible to speak of freedom”. Only then will a truly complete democracy become possible and be realized, a democracy without any exceptions whatever. And only then will democracy begin to wither away, owing to the simple fact that, freed from capitalist slavery, from the untold horrors, savagery, absurdities, and infamies of capitalist exploitation, people will gradually become accustomed to observing the elementary rules of social intercourse that have been known for centuries and repeated for thousands of years in all copy-book maxims. They will become accustomed to observing them without force, without coercion, without subordination, without the special apparatus for coercion called the state.

Thing is that China has become a bigger trading partner for EU than US now. So, if they have to choose between US and Chinese sanctions then the latter is becoming a larger concern. Chinese economy is also growing while US is shrinking making it hard to justify continuing to align with US. The fact that EU went ahead with Chinese trade deal despite US protests shows that there is no unified front here any longer.

I think the border camps in US are one of the best angle to approach US human rights abuses from at the moment. US spent a lot of time trumping up supposed Uyghur abuses in Xinjiang, and people in the west have been expressing a lot of outrage over that.

Now we know that US has been doing everything it’s accusing China of doing. And it puts all the China watchers in a very uncomfortable position. Either they have to denounce US the same way they denounce China, or they have to admit that they never cared about human rights in the first place.

Let’s take a look at the scope of what’s happening in US right now and why it’s not something that can be addressed easily.

Reporters found that people, including minors, are being held in absolutely horrific conditions. One example is a “pod” designed for 32 migrant children under CDC guidelines now holding 615 at 1700% pandemic capacity. If these pictures came from China then it would be heralded as undeniable proof of genocide.

Nobody knows how many people are detained, however we know that nearly 978,000 migrants were taken into custody during Trump years, and a 100,000 have been detained in February by Biden administration with around a million migrants expected to arrive this year. So, we are talking about around a million people already and this could turn into multiple millions. The formula at work behind these camps is as follows:

number of people in camps = number of people arriving - (number settled + number deported)

Since US is not processing people even close to the rate that they’re arriving at, these camps are only going to grow. The camps are also now turning into a billion dollar industry much like US prison system.

Furthermore, it’s important to ask why there is such a flood of people coming to US. Why are countries in South America in such a state that people are fleeing them in droves. US foreign policy plays a big role here. This humanitarian crisis was largely created by US doing coups, funding death squads, overthrowing governments, drug wars, and so forth. Now that these atrocities are culminating in a refugee crisis, US decided to start building concentration camps as their preferred solution.

Yeah the empire is crumbling in front of our eyes. If Trump didn’t get in power and the pandemic didn’t happen then US had a real chance to rally its allies and choke China economically. All the NATO nations hate China with a passion, and they would’ve been all too happy to jump on board.

However, Trump severely damaged relations with EU and the pandemic created economic uncertainty and unrest in the west. Now countries are scrambling to get back to some sort of normalcy and this trumps any ideological concerns. China being the only large growing economy forces these countries to keep investing into business with China even when as it shifts balance of power away from them.

Western capitalism is at its lowest point in a century now, and China is going from strength to strength.

Yeah generally that’s the case. Personally, I don’t see any fundamental problem with empowering individuals, but I look at it from Maslov’s hierarchy of needs perspective. Once we make sure everybody’s basic needs are taken care of, then we can start worrying about maximizing personal freedoms. Anarchists generally only tend to care about the top end of the pyramid, and often it’s because they have their needs largely met already.

Anarchists do have solid critiques of capitalism, it’s when it comes to solutions when things get shall we say questionable.

yeah I’ve been intentionally referring to them as such

To be fair, zoos tend to have far more human conditions. That right there is a concentration camp.

The thing to realize is that there is a simple formula at work here:

number of people in camps = number of people arriving - (number settled + number deported)

The number of people arriving is much higher than the other two, they snatched up 100,000 people in February alone. The reality of the situation is that nobody knows how many people are actually in these camps right now, but it must be a huge amount and it will only keep growing. This is starting to look like a literal genocide.

Yeah, I think the concerning part is that the right in US is much more organized than the left right now. They also have support from capitalists, making it much easier for them to organize, spread their narrative, and recruit.

The left is very much lacking organization right now, and there is no real leadership that I’m aware of, and Anarchists are actively working against any meaningful organization making the situation worse. Communists in US need to create a real party for organizing, education, and recruitment, and the sooner this happens the better. Communists also need to start building things like mutual aid networks, engage with unions, and build grassroots support.

Ultimately, the left will not get to decide when civil unrest happens, so it’s important to start getting serious today.

I mean it’s not exactly shocking that people have confidence in their government when they see their lives improve and lose confidence when their material conditions are deteriorating in front of their eyes.

What a lot of people in the west don’t seem to realize is that living conditions in China improved drastically in only a few decades. People are seeing their country going from largely underdeveloped one to a high tech world power. Why would anybody expect CPC not to have massive support from the people.

Meanwhile, exact opposite is happening in vast majority of western countries. People look at lifestyle of their parents and realize that it’s unattainable to them, life keeps getting worse while the oligarchy keeps getting richer. No amount of propaganda can counter people’s own lived experience in the long run.