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Whatever you do, please stay safe. Weigh the pros and cons. I know some comrades who have had trouble with the law for their convictions (back in the 70s one of them was sent to jail for refusing to join the draft) and these infractions didn’t seem to prevent them from finding employment and continuing the fight, but being locked behind bars for years on end is certainly not going to help the revolution – and that depends what the penalties actually are. So please research this thoroughly before making any decision.

Here you have met class interests and how they relate to our daily struggles. Your sister seems to have bourgeois interests, and like any bourgeois she would be a fool to fund the revolution that will seek to depose her. She may not see it that way – many bourgeois don’t – but ultimately this is what it is: giving money to transition away from capitalism, which would destroy all their privileges in the process. Though with regards to ecology under capitalism specifically (and “green” companies), I believe there capitalists understand that what they do actually contributes to the problem and doesn’t solve anything. I don’t believe for a second that after 5 years as a green startup offering whatever gimmick to solve climate change and seeing no result in the world, that they still believe they can actually do anything about it. But hey, it brings in money. That’s one thing they do well.

Likewise we would be fools, as proletarians, to fund the bourgeoisie that oppresses us. But the difference here is that the bourgeois have the upper hand and are allowed (and even encouraged) to oppress us, whereas we are not allowed to oppress them.

If capitalists will not let us transition away from them, then they will make it so capitalism cannot be reformed away from capitalism either – it’s a system, everything has its place in it. You’ve found yourself against the second hurdle of socialism: the bourgeoisie will not let us play on our terms. Coops are good, but they still exploit labour (not all workers in a coop are partners, they still depend on exploited labour in their chain of production and daily life).

The only solution is revolution. I understand your frustration at not being able to change things right now when they’re plain to see – ending homelessness, ending hunger in your country would be really easy if we took the money from capitalists. And as you said you can see people who have nothing and have to struggle for survival on the daily, while you also see rich pigs for whom life is trivial. But strategically, the best thing you can do is join a revolutionary communist party. Historically speaking this is what has achieved change. For example, many organisations focus on “mutual aid” (which is a term, it seems, many of these organisations use but don’t understand). But mutual aid does not dismantle the systematic causes that create these issues, they only solve the symptoms where they see them. But who has erased child hunger? Food not bombs, or the Bolsheviks?

Communism is illegal in your country, but you should check what exactly is illegal. Communist parties were banned in many countries before and during the Cold War, but in many places also this could be subverted by simply calling the party something else. You may be able to create a communist party, or maybe there is one already under a different name.

Another great submission from Eglin Base!

We should make a community called “It’s spelled Uyghur” lmao

Alternatively I have been unable to find a single correct pronunciation of their name in English, even from “how to pronounce” type videos. Incredible. And apparently since the John Oliver video there’s been a conspiracy theory that English speakers say “wiggers” because of how the Chinese (Mandarin speakers, i.e. Han Chinese in this conspiracy) say Wei Wu er. But this all falls apart because in French, people ~correctly say their name as ooy-ghoor due to the way it’s spelled. Once again Amerikans are blaming their short-comings on the Asiatic hordes. Edit: and also if you listen to people say Wei Wu er it sounds nothing like “wigger”, at all.

Why do I get the feeling it’s always the same map…?

MLM was synthesized in the 70s or 80s by Gonzalo in Peru, holding that Mao’s advancements, which he formulated for China’s material conditions, were universally applicable and formed enough of a theoretical body to get their own name.

There are Maoists in China however not affiliated with Gonzalo, but there the name is more akin to MZT, Mao Zedong thought, meaning that one is ML but still integrates that some of Mao’s theories are relevant and can be learned from. But certainly I can understand that in China they uphold MZT since it’s literally what brought them where they are today.

Honestly while I can admire MLMs fighting their ppw, I don’t believe Mao’s theories are universally applicable nor are their analyses correct. Social imperialism today sounds more like something trots would say, and it’s a whole theoretical field that simply does not exist in ML theory. Mao only used that against the USSR after Stalin died (trots try to reclaim Mao or Maoists sometimes and conveniently forget Mao was admirative of comrade Stalin).

I also have issues with Mao as a leader after the PRC was declared. He was a great general, there’s no doubt about that. In on protracted war, 1933, he correctly predicted what would happen after the war: Japanese imperialism would die, China would win and become socialist. I also uphold his struggle and what he made of China. But his years as a politician, while he was leading the PRC, were not made with the best policies.

The occupation just broke the ceasefire and bombed both the north and south sides of Gaza.

This is taking place during the flag march, which the new government of the occupation in Palestine approved and has started Monday…

That meme “I saw my boss roll up in a new car and I asked him wow, how did you afford that? And he said, if you put your hours in, if you do extra work, if you don’t complain, then next year I’ll be able to afford another one” has never rang truer to me…

Inshallah their business finally dies soon, I cannot wait for it.

My ex-employer put my part-time job in the shredder in late 2020, and now the sister rolls up in a new Porsche – which costs more than my yearly salary. Another sibling (also in the direction committee obviously) bought a new boat.

Yes it’s a family business. Yes they keep saying they have no money due to covid.

The flag march is now underway, and already you can see huge groups cheering and chanting “Death to Arabs!”. Police is getting belligerent with Palestinians, though very subdued for now.

I think it’s safe to say Hamas will not let this go unpunished, and in fact the occupier is already deploying the iron dome and diverting flights.

The occupier bent the knee last month when they voted for a unilateral ceasefire as Palestinian rockets were saturating the Iron Dome, so who knows why they seem to believe they will be able to win this time.

I personally prefer Boomerism in one country but to each their own

Apparently an aspiring member needs to be on full control of their territory to be accepted, and Crimea is under Russian jurisdiction now. So inevitably, Russia is looking into securing Crimea against a possible nato incursion there.

We have some articles on Prolewiki, starting with https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Adrian_Zenz which is quite comprehensive already. We also started https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Economic_and_cultural_developments_in_Xinjiang which aims to explain what China is doing in Xinjiang, while taking on the misguided accusations thrown at them. But I just noticed we have https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Xinjiang_Vocational_Education_and_Training_Centers this article as well, which I didn’t know about.

Most of the buildings are not what Buzzfeed and “China watchers” (most of which don’t speak a word of Chinese, 0 credibility whatsoever) claim to be – they’re farms, schools, construction sites, etc. Remember that Buzzfeed won a Pulitzer prize (himself a huge imperialist) for writing Inside a Xinjiang concentration camp despite never being to Xinjiang and never being inside such a camp.

it’s pretty much impossible to tell what the buildings marked there actually are

Yes and no. People in Xinjiang are aware of the lies perpetrated against them (especially after the cotton sanctions came, which severely hurts their economy). People have been going to these facilities themselves – when it’s white journalists from Buzzfeed or others, they get authoritative with the guards at the entrance and wonder why they can’t enter the facility. When it’s Chinese people asking politely if they can come film inside, they usually get cleared. Then once inside you see it’s just a factory like any other, or a construction site.

However there are prisons, for sure. There are prisons for criminals in the first place, and there are prisons for the economic and cultural development. Xinjiang has a history of religious extremism and separatism since the 20th century. Some people are interned in these facilities against their will because of an act they committed. I remember in 2019 for example, a man was sentenced to this kind of prison after it was found out he did not allow his wife to leave her home without a man accompanying her, and prevented her from having her own money. This is what we expect from Wahhabist (Saudi) Islam, not Xinjiang Islam – and in fact Wahhabism is funded worldwide by the Saudi royal family.

I can’t help but think if he had been sentenced in my “progressive” country, it would have gone either of two ways: light sentence because he “doesn’t know any better” and nothing changes (he just gets back to it), or harsh sentence because he’s guilty of kidnapping and plenty of other cool stuff and nothing changes, he just gets more into Wahhabism in prison. Maybe they would have followed with mandatory psychiatrist sessions and helped his wife with a private organisation for victims of domestic violence, but I don’t think we legally have the power to do much more. Whereas in Xinjiang they are teaching them skills to get them out of poverty, they are providing people with brand new apartments for free, and they teach them the law and Mandarin too, so they can live and work anywhere in the country.

Apparently the US appointed an ex CIA agent and aide to Pompeo as ambassador already.

Castillo needs to move fast and first order of business must be to try Fujimori as she only ran for president to get immunity for her fraud crimes. Once she is in prison it becomes much harder to get her out than it is to drop charges and avoid a trial altogether.

Here’s hoping he can write more pro-China stuff after this. Sure, he says his concerns are about his fellow war criminals and how a war is not an imperialist interest, but do you know many libs like this that would write for Global Times?

CPGB-ML? The video would be more aply titled “Trans Agenda or Class reductionism?” ayy lmao

lemmygrad itself seems to be blocked in mainland China. if that doesn’t convince our friends on lemmygrad that there’s something wrong with the way China censors internet, I don’t know what will

It’s probably a blanket ban on ml domains. Regardless, China is free to block whichever sites they want and I don’t see us addressing a petition to the CPC asking for Lemmygrad to be unblocked lol. Maybe they have a form that makes it easy, maybe not, but I don’t think it’s worth doing the procedure while Lemmygrad is still so small. Also if Chinese comrades joined most of us could not even speak to them lol. But that’s not a official admin opinion, just my own.

I’m just confused by the way lemmygrad’s users avoid criticizing china even when it deserves it.

We just haven’t seen anything objectionable so far 🤷‍♂️

Castillo wins Peruvian elections!

It was very close, but he did it! Fujimori can now be prosecuted for the crimes she was being investigated for…

The occupier known as Israel, unable to learn from their mistakes, will attract the ire of Hamas once more

Not two weeks after a ceasefire was unilaterally voted by the coloniser’s parliament, the same government of Israel said they would allow the flag march throughout Damas, but only in small groups. Tensions are already growing with settlers openly taunting Palestinians, and the colonial police arrest…

Al-Qassam brigades just released an audio recording of an occupation soldier the settlers presumed dead since 2014

Huge L for the zionist settler government. They ruled that the soldiers were killed by Hamas after their capture in 2014, but it just came out earlier, for the first time ever, that at least one of them is still alive. In the recording, he asks if Israel still exists and will save him. …

Why the DPRK is rightfully hateful towards the USA

The people of the DPRK effectively form the state, therefore any policy of the state is a policy from the people. Anything that comes out of the DPRK’s government can be reasonably extended as being an opinion shared by the people of the DPRK. …

Itch.io indie bundle for Palestinian aid - 5$ for 1000 games, all proceeds directly go to United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

I am not sure if United Nations Relief is an imperialist venture or not (there’s so many of these UN commissions) and certainly they could have picked different orgs to donate to, but if you feel like giving money to the UNRWA is okay, you get 1000 indie games out of it…

Zionist terrorist army is ramping up tensions in Gaza again

While a ceasefire is still in effect, the occupational power of Israel has broadcast threats towards Gaza. …

Hamas in Gaza preparing to strike the settlers again

Tensions are running high again six days after a ceasefire was unilaterally voted from the settler parliament. The talks are apparently not leading anywhere, and the settler government declared a state of emergency on the border with Gaza. Hamas is preparing to strike the occupied territories again…

Breaking: Israel votes for a unilateral ceasefire

Israel’s Parliament voted yesterday to start a ceasefire at 2AM on Friday. In return, Hamas has stopped their artillery barrages from midnight to 2AM, anticipating what the enemy would do next. …