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Primary question from me is: does Zulip have good security like Element?

What you said sounds really tempting but I want to make sure that what I’m doing is secure.

Wait, they did? Noice.

Alright, guess it can’t be helped, but I’ll probably use Element either way.

Just trying to keep my options open for the community I’m making.

Need a Discord alternative besides Element (which is fine, but I need something else)

Basically, I need a Discord alternative with the security of Element/Riot but the ease-of-use of, well, Discord. …

I literally smiled when I saw this comment. Like, holy shit, it’s so stereotypical of liberals at this point.

Thank you for posting this.

It may not immediately affect everyone in the world immediatley, but a country like Germany? Opening salvo, at the very least…

Just don’t want no Bob Avakian stuff, please.

Hell yeah, I’m pro-democracy.

That’s why I support the CPC.