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It’s pretty good. Best give it a listen (you don’t actually have to watch it)

China raking in those connections and allies.

Mah boi knows how to network!

Thinking Like a Marxist

I’m watching this right now (at around the 59:00 mark as I type this). …

I have several options I can take so I’m good; I just worry about some other people I know.

Thanks for the consideration.

I have a feeling that it won’t pass, but if it does… Well, we’ll see how things go afterwards, but it could give the movement an opening to further revitalize the labor movement in the United States. This, and the Bessemer vote in Alabama could be a boon to us…

Was this site down for anyone else?

I couldn’t access it this morning…

Sigh I’ll probably be moving out now that I’ll have a way to support myself, though I can relate for the time being

It sucks.

I’ll click and then bookmark this for later.

(I should probably also get myself a tandfonline.com account somehow or at least find a PDF version of this.

Did you read the Neo-imperialism article that I found as well? @muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml

This guy is an exemplary of a dudebro anarchist in the West; he literally just wants to be right even at the expense of being wrong as long as people acknowledge him as being “right.”

He wants to be listened to and followed even when deep down he knows he’s wrong. What nonsense. It’s just arrogance at this point.

I remember my time in Bolivia when the coup was going down; lots of racism and classism about.

Killer Mike sold out.

He’s “Has-been Killer Mike” now.

Oh, my bad.

I just finished it, but it’s packed in terms of content and I’m still sort of processing it and mulling it over.

Basically, it talks about inter-imperialist rivalry wtihin the imperialist camp and now the US imperializes other countries through its currency and enforced globalization. There’s a lot more to it than that and I’m simplifying things as my financial/economic knowledge is not up to par, but through the use of prioritizing IOUs (its own) and enforcing that everyone uses their currency, they can more readily manipulate the markets that people have access to.

Again, complicated, though you definitely get the gist reading the actual paper, which is about 25 pages long.

Does the link not work?

I don’t support Western intervention. I’m against it unlike the people that support Rojava, al-Qaeda, and ISIS militants against the legitimate government of Syria.

This pretty much encapsulates why I didn’t like the speech by Bill Maher. …

“Why do so many on the ‘left’ refuse even to try to work amongst the mass of the working class?” …

I intended to, but the page either kept loading or crashed or something. …

He died February 19, 1997. …