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What is so impressive is the unholy alliance between liberals and fascists

This type of stuff is simply not being shown or deliberately mis-characterised in the West

Like for instance a while back the BBC felt the need to interview a Polish neo-nazi on the situation in Belarus

petit-booj nonsense and there’s no such thing as a “democratic Marxist” if you have a Marxist conception of the State and in who’s class interest the State is wielded in.

If you call yourself a “Democratic Marxist” then all you’re telling me is that you have rejected the Marxist conception of the State and the Marxist conception of class society

The people’s state has been flung in our teeth ad nauseam by the anarchists, although Marx’s anti-Proudhon piece and after it the Communist Manifesto declare outright that, with the introduction of the socialist order of society, the state will dissolve of itself and disappear. Now, since the state is merely a transitional institution of which use is made in the struggle, in the revolution, to keep down one’s enemies by force, it is utter nonsense to speak of a free people’s state; so long as the proletariat still makes use of the state, it makes use of it, not for the purpose of freedom, but of keeping down its enemies and, as soon as there can be any question of freedom, the state as such ceases to exist.

Engels to August Bebel In Zwickau, London, March 18-28, 1875;

As Muad-Dibber has said, bourgeois ‘democracy’ has proven to be the best shell for capitalist rule and to secure capitalist class power and domination of the State over the proletariat

The function of modern day ‘elections’ is to finance both sides of the aisle of ruling parties in the specific interests of different sections of the bourgeoisie (Trump represented the local American bourgeoisie for instance whilst Clinton/Biden represented a cosmopolitan bourgeoisie)

Coupled with privately held media you certainly have the technical freedom to run in an election against bourgeois candidates but you will never break that wall into the popular consciousness and the most you’ll ever get in 0.5-1% of the vote

This is not “democracy” but a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie

I’d advise you to read this study (from Princeton and Harvard) that classifies US democracy as an oligarchy where even when popular policies are proposed they do not get passed


the below comment is on Moonofalabamas page on this article. In my opinion USA has already morphed into a fascist nation.Somewhere between Bush and Trump https://www.moonofalabama.org/2021/05/roman-protasevich-arrested-in-belarus-is-a-western-government-financed-neo-nazi.html

Food for thought (hypothesis for debate):

Since it is clear the American Empire is behind this, it’s time for us to start to delineate a general analysis on the metamorphosis of the Empire after decades of Unconventional Warfare (UW). From Latin America to HK, everything must be connected.

The American elections of 2016 and 2020 consolidated a huge tectonic shift in the domestic affairs of the Empire: the State of Florida became a permanent red state, i.e. a GOP stronghold (“safe seat”, in British terminology). It was a “purple state” before.

The reason Florida became a red state is clear enough: decades of influx of far-right (anti-communist) Latin American political refugees shifted the Floridan political consensus. They’re all compradores, lumpen-mercenaries (banditry, drug traffickers, other illiterate cannon fodder who managed to survive and reach American soil etc.), mercenaries (professional, renegade ex-soldiers or at least CIA-trained), compradores (including here also high-patent generals from failed coups) and ex-planters (e.g. from Fulgencio Batista-era Cuba).

The same thing happens with Germans (nazis), Ukrainians (nazis and neonazis), Russians (Jews, Mensheviks and “whites”), Chinese (Kaishekists and pro-British liberal Hongkongers), Vietnamese (“South Vietnam”) etc. etc.

There’s one aspect that unite all of these adventures: they all involved anti-communist elements. Whatever the degree of sophistication or regional particularities, anti-communism is the material base, the red line of the American Empire. This is a situation where Gramsci once described as the old dying (capitalism) but the new not being able to be born (socialism). The USA is modern-era Kronos (Κρόνoς), eating His children so he can keep Himself as the king of the gods (titans).

However, there’s a “side effect” to this: as the rest of the world started to resist and strike back, the American Empire had to resort more and more to what it calls Unconventional Warfare to keep its influence overseas. This intensified, rather than diminished, the number of political refugees with influence both in the American territory (green card in exchange for their services; mass political immigration to mainland America) and in Washington D.C., the capital of the American Empire, where all the important decisions on foreign policy are made.

As a result of this geopolitical conjecture, the USA has slowly but inexorably metamorphosed into a fascist nation. The American political machine has given form and structure - maybe unconsciously - to what is in fact a Fascist International, the fascist version of the Third International. Of course, what the communist could do openly the fascists can only do undercover, but structurally one is the analogous (in opposite poles) of the other. The USA already was the Capitalist International since the end of WWII, but it now has degenerated into the Fascist International.

This has a lot of complex implications that don’t fit here. I’ll just throw here this: the long-term cultural and ideological implications for the American empire are immense. The American Empire is mutating - from the land of the liberal-individualist European immigrants searching for work and enterprise of the 1890s-1960s to the land of the swindlers, fascists, rabid ideologues, political opportunists, parasitic, lazy anti-communist Latin American, Chinese & SE Asians and Eastern European political-mercenary immigrants.

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Some of the best geopolitical writings comes from goldmoney.com (who sell gold)

Take this piece written in March for instance, probably one of the best geopolitical pieces I’ve read in recent times


I now pretty much read everything GoldMoney put out, Ironically it is likely due to their financial bettings/gold investments and the like that they have spent so much time in understanding how money works, how inflation works, the effects on the money supply caused by inflation and the coming end of the US dollar as global reserve currency etc.

And honestly, it feels like a more honest relationship in reading Goldmoney.com than say reading the NYTimes

I know as soon as I click goldmoneys site that there whole schtick is selling gold and their deep dive analysis is pretty neutral because they are trying to understand the intricacies of geopolitics on their wealth in a self interested rationally controlled way they end up basically sounding like well read Marxists (if you remove one or 2 sentences from their shit-libbery). I know their bias

When you read Ny Times for example from journalists claiming to be “crusading journalists for ‘truth’” but actually Hong Kong based Ny times journalists are putting up pictures of the last time european powers carved up China is much more dishonest.

haha :)

Also why does this default to webp image when I try to right click save as?

Good books on German communists in interwar period

Does anyone had any good books or articles on Communists on the interwar period? …

POV: You’re a jacobin writer and a socialist revolution has just happened

Note that this analysis does contain some anti-communist rhetoric and is still the perspective of a white westerner with the entirety of the baggage that this includes despite his efforts to remain neutral (what is perhaps to be expected from a site titled GoldMoney)

However I have found this guys analysis in economics (especially of the US dollar) and geopolitics really well thought out and put together that I would honestly read Alasdair Macleods shopping list if he put it online

This is as delicious as that time they got a British doctor who had spent years in Cuba to talk about Cuba and she rebuffs the imperial worldview on Cuba and Castro


I thought this was common knowledge? Even anarchists acknowledge this

Finnbol goes over Makhnos peasant slave labour


Anarchists argue that they could have done better [in post-revolution USSR]. But, when anarchist activists introduced workplace self-management during the Spanish Civil War, scarcity, military pressures and workers’ indiscipline pushed these activists in the same authoritarian direction as the Bolsheviks. The anarchist Justice Minister, Garcia Oliver, initiated the setting up of ‘concentration camps’ and even the most principled anarchists, the Friends of Durutti, advocated ‘forced labour’.[12]


The Spanish Revolution, like the Russian, also had its labor camps (campos de trabajo), initiated at the end of 1936 by Juan Garc¡a Oliver, the CNT Minister of Justice in the central government of Largo Caballero. As we have noted, Garc¡a Oliver was a very influential fa¡sta and the most important figure in the Central Committee of Antifascist Militias, the de facto government of Catalonia in the first months of the Revolution. In no way could this promoter of Spanish labor camps be considered marginal to the Spanish Left in general and to Spanish anarchosyndicalism in particular. According to his supporters, Garc¡a Oliver had established the principle of equal justice under law that the Spanish bourgeoisie had previously ignored. The work camps were considered an integral part of the “constructive work of the Spanish Revolution,” and many anarchosyndicalists took pride in the “progressive” character of the reforms by the CNT Minister of Justice. The CNT recruited guards for the “concentration camps,” as they were also called, from within its own ranks. Certain militants feared that the CNT’s resignation from the government after May 1937 might delay this “very important project” of labor camps.72


[…] Understandable resentment against a bourgeoisie, a clergy, and a military whom workers considered unproductive and parasitic crystallized into a demand to reform these groups through productive labor. Anarchosyndicalists endowed work with great moral value; the bourgeoisie, the military, and the clergy were immoral precisely because they did not produce. Thus penal reform meant forcing these classes to labor, to rid them of their sins through work. The Spanish Revolution was, in part, a crusade to convert, by force if necessary, both enemies and friends to the values of work and development.

The ministry of the fa¡sta was proud of its “advanced” ideas and considered its camps more progressive than those in the Soviet Union.74 Garc¡a Oliver promised humanized detention, and CNT representatives investigated complaints of gross negligence, in the L"šrida prison, for example.75 Sometimes, however, the tone of the reformers shifted:

The weeds must be torn out by their roots. There cannot be and must not be pity for the enemies of the people, but . . . their rehabilitation through work and that is precisely what the new ministerial order creating “work camps” seeks. In Spain great irrigation canals, roads, and public works must be built immediately. The trains must be electrified, and all these things should be accomplished by those who conceive of work as a derisive activity or a crime, by those who have never worked. . . . The prisons and penitentiaries will be replaced by beehives of labor, and offenders against the people will have the chance to dignify themselves with tools in hand, and they will see that a pick and a shovel will be much more valuable in the future society than the placid, parasitic life of idleness that had no other aim than to perpetuate the irritating inequality of classes.76

According to a CNT historian, "delinquents, reactionaries, subversives, and suspects were judged by popular tribunals composed of CNT militants and, if found guilty, jailed or condemned to forced labor. Fascists, soldiers who looted, drunkards, criminals, and even syndicalists who abused their power were put behind bars or in work camps where they were forced to build roads."77 Inmates of the work camps reported that they also dug trenches and built railroads. One avid franquista lamented that “duchesses, marchionesses, countesses, wives and daughters of military officers” were forced to harvest grain.78

Most who were sent to prisons and work camps were convicted on political charges-which included violating public order, possessing arms, and engaging in fascist activities.79 A much smaller number received sentences for robbery, murder, hoarding, and black marketeering. This last category increased markedly in 1938 when, for example, revenue guards arrested a mason with 2,200 pesetas or another individual carrying 179 eggs.80 The number of prisoners in Catalonia multiplied fivefold during the war. In November 1936, 535 were in Catalan jails; in November 1938 the figure was 2,601. The greatest increase was of women inmates, whose numbers jumped from 18 in November 1936 to 535 two years later. Deserters from the Republican army (more numerous than those from the Nationalist army) filled their own camps, and their numbers increased dramatically in Catalonia during 1938.81


We aren’t in disagreement comrade

Anarchists are dishonest people there’s no other way to put it. Whenever they’re in power they essentially setup a bunch of smaller States - monopoly on violence, secret police, gulags, summary executions, outlawed papers they don’t like etc.

One wonders about the non-hierarchy of CNT-FAIs labour camps or the peasants chain ganged for slave labour by Makhno

There’s no way a militia can be organized in time efficiently after an attack.

Exactly. This is the qualitative difference I was talking about. In reality they get steam rolled by any organised army

Except the anarchists are telling the truth here so the Engels quote is a bit off here - the military formations by them do have a different qualitative quality than the communist understanding of strict hierarchy and absolute discipline

The character these armies took (and the character they had in 1873 when Marx was analysing the Bakuninists) was that they were a useless band of disunited, ineffective militias incapable of any competance that got rolled when the Spanish monarchists threw together a few divisions then took each canton, village and town back one by one.

Props to whoever made this meme.

I burst out laughing at this

Thanks that’s great, I was thinking more of trying to read say a NY Times from 1951

So (as an example) there is some info in april 17 1951 I’d like to see first hand and googling takes you to NY Times but asks for a subscription


I did try this in both the wayback machine and just a search on archive.org but couldn’t find anything

Trump is popular amongst the working class though - he got more votes than he did last time no?

And honestly we should be reaching out to fascists. Some of the best communists are ex-fascists and I know I’m gonna sound “horse-shoey” but many fascist and communists come from the same working class strata (usually because their lived experience forces them into rejecting liberalism entirely)

While the “left” leaning types drawn from the middle classes or student populations inevitably (typically) end up falling down whatever the latest trend in opportunism is (trotskyism/collapseniks/IDPol worship/insert whatever flavour of the day)

When capitalism breaks the more fascists we have recruited the better it will go.

I watched one of these guys videos the other day and I rolled my eyes into the back of my skull

Just a load of CNT-FAI and Krondstatt propaganda that they weren’t authoritarian. Desipte the unelected PRC at krondstat wanting a military dictatorship and being led by Petrichenko who tried to join the White Army in 1920 (2 years after brutal civil war)

After that I thought there’s literally no reason to be subbed to this crap so you’ll excuse me if I don’t bother with what they have to say on China

I am playing around with Lemmy in a VPC but getting this when I run the command …


Comrades does anyone have any good Marxist analysis on prostitution and polyamoury?

There seems to be a current of “pro sex work” in the left yet prostitution (to me at least) is not work it is not labour. Nothing of value is produced and all that’s provided is access of womens bodies to be raped by bourgeois men …

Atlantic Council Released the "Longer Telegram" on How To Deal With Chinas Rise

A throw back to the “Long Telegram” which was written by George Kennan in 1946 to deal with the Soviet Union the Atlantic Council have written the Longer Telegram on dealing with China …

Can anyone explain bunkerchan to me?

Hi I saw a link posted to bunkerchan (bunkerchan.net) and saw bunkerchan was running off lynxchan ( i was impressed the site was functional without javascript!). …