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Amazon having special access to a USPS mailbox, which is federal property, is the most american thing ever.

Sovereignty means control / right to govern an area. For example for the US and Canada, you can use this map to see what peoples controlled areas that the european colonialists conquered.

Most of them pay far less taxes than the standard, they’re even able to skirt most capital gains taxes via offshoring schemes. Amazon paid no income taxes until 2017, and now is taxed at 1.7%. For reference that’s 10x lower than what minimum wage workers in the US pay.

I think I’ve seen some good evil country map tweets with like the refusal to disavow Nazism one, and the refusal to waive covid vaccine patent restriction ones. Same countries as always, western Europe and the US.


Even been seeing some people on /r/genzedong against US and Canadian decolonization recently…


I always thought the fight was a metaphor for his friend still clinging to capitalist ideology, and that it took so much work for him to even consider an alternative. IE the work of educating and ridding people of capitalist indoctrination is an extremely difficult task.

Worf Division

Lets not forget how the US propaganda machine tried to usurp this victory, despite fighting less than 20% of the nazi divisions. And they successfully convinced the world too:

I wouldn’t worry about downvoters too much. I banned the capitalist apologist tho, thx.

Not sure the context, but anything even remotely positive about china gets downvoted by reddits white supremacist userbase.