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Gorhill archives all related repos, so I’m pretty sure active development has enden.

The only “proper” fork I know about is nuTensor:


It has just been forked to provide maintenance though, there probably won’t be any new stuff.

I have to admit that I’m not all that knowledgeable about licensing, so I did a little research and you are totally right. My bad! Legal means would totally be possible then, but that’d require someone actually pressing charges. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I fear it’s pretty unlikely at least in the foreseeable future…

Sure, I wasn’t trying to praise organic meat. There are valid arguments against it being an ethical solution. I just found it to be an odd choice of an argument here.

I’m currently running ArrowOS which is similar to LineageOS by being a minimally feature-enhanced fork of AOSP. I get most my Apps from F-Droid and the few proprietary Apps I can’t do without I get from Aurora Store. Instead of installing GApps I use microG - a “free software clone of Google’s proprietary core libraries and applications” - for the few apps that need its notification or location services.

Now before anyone gets all riled up, I know this is far from ideal, but I’ve found it to be the best compromise between honoring my privacy ideals and providing a usable device that doesn’t leave me tearing my hair out. YMMV and that’s perfectly fine.

[…] legal ground to force proprietary module vendors to release their source code?

What would make anyone think that? No one has to publish their code. If you really want a FLOSS kernel you’ll have to find open replacements for those modules or make them yourself.

I mean what do people expect? I wouldn’t even have been surprised if it had a higher impact. Buying organic is not necessarily an ecological but rather an ethical decision. Also I guess people that make sure to buy organic meat eat less of it anyway. Is this actually supposed to be an argument against organic meat? :D