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not like american supremacy has been a good thing, may as well give something else a go

I definitely prefer a magnetic port. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, because I feel like most magnetic ports are also specifically designed for a product and I’d rather there just be a single standard, but I’ve used a few surfaces/macbooks with magnetic ports and they were all a million times more convenient. I’m not super knowledgeable on hardware/connectors, so I don’t know anything about the feasibility of your proposal at the end, but something like that would be ideal.

My phone has a USB-C port and one of the biggest issues is that the charger tends to just smash lint/dust into the port and it has to be carefully cleaned out occasionally or the connection begins to feel loose. Every magnetic charger I’ve used has been relatively shallow, making this a lot less of an issue. Would love a magnetic port on my phone.

I thought it was real this morning when I first saw someone post it. I’m an easy mark lol

The way I see it is they got paid by Google and Google doesn’t actually get any benefit, because Stadia has already failed. If they don’t release, they break the contract, Google saves money and the devs don’t get paid. If they release, they get paid, Google loses money, and Stadia continues to be irrelevant.

I’ve personally had a lot of fun solo. It kind of depends on what you’re looking for. I imagine the progress is much quicker with a team, but I’ve had a good time just kind of shaping this world I’m in as I explore it and progress through the biomes. I’ve just got little unique homes littered and linked throughout the landscape and I think that’s really cool. It’s a really good podcast game and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I always like having a game that’s a little more open ended and without much story that gives me time to chill and listen to a podcast.

I’ll be honest, I’d be hard pressed to name many games where the ending wasn’t weak.

I’m living in Missouri and the tap water’s pretty great. I was told it’s so good because of the caves running underground, but no idea how true that is. It’s very good though, one of the highlights of living here.

This might not be true anymore, but I do remember a lot of DOS games that were updated to run on modern systems mostly just use DOSBox under the hood. DOSBox-X seems to be a fork of the original DOSBox.

Meanwhile, I got suspended on twitter for suggestion it was good that Richard Spencer got punched.

I’m also now using Standard Notes (also somewhat regrettably). At least it’s secure, but I do wish it maybe had a dark mode and markdown by default.

It’s an embarrassing name to say to people. I don’t know what you’d expect other than anecdotes.

I noticed they were shutting down Notes last week on GitHub. I wanted to use a sync’d markdown notes app that could go between my desktop/phone that I could trust more than something like Google Keep. Noticed the Android app was a closed beta, so went to go get the source code to compile an APK for myself. There had just been an active branch created with the sole intent of cutting off access to their servers.

I’m a little sad, never got to actually use it.

We call them slatted beds in English too! Or at least the things the bed sits on are called slats. Generally used with memory foam mattresses here in America.

Wow, this is really cool. I wanna mess around with this later and see what it can handle.

Wonder how effective it is at archiving substack articles for offline reading.

I began noticing this recently as well. I don’t think it was always like this.

I own now and I prefer it over having to deal with a landlord, but even just getting enough money for 5% down in my incredibly cheap area with a well paying job was hard. Just straddled with so much debt from school and medical expenses still.

Awesome! Yeah I’ve been messing with AvaloniaUI lately, which is an attempt to make a WPF-like framework that is cross platform. It does some neat stuff like CSS style selectors that are making it feel like a big improvement over WPF.

I am. I do .NET desktop apps at my job. At home, I mess around a lot with random bits, mostly in C# because it’s familiar (I do like the direction the language has been going though).

You aren’t arguing in good faith. This isn’t a discussion or a debate. This isn’t a disagreement. This is you being a contrarian on the internet in a place you knew you’d disagree with everyone and then when everyone is annoyed by you, you go “look, the left loves censorship!” even though you never had a single intention of changing any views you had.

The truth of the matter is, why would we want to interact with someone like you who is just constantly insisting we’re all wrong? You’ve got plenty of other places you could be, I’m not even sure why you’d want to be here.