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Is there an automated way to export saved posts and comments?
I want to export just the links, not the content.

PixelDroid (Client for Pixelfed, the federated image sharing platform) https://f-droid.org/packages/org.pixeldroid.app/

Thank you for this very detailed series of comments, I enjoyed reading it. I think it was precisely this old usage of empire/imperialism that was confusing me since it no longer exists in the modern world. Thanks for clearing this up.

I was not aware that Nazi Germany was imperialist on top of their colonial expansion projects, thank you.

Yes that’s a good way to put it. I was more familiar with colonialism than the marxist definition of imperialism because I come from a previously colonized country (presently part of the imperial periphery) and learned about that history.

oh I thought of it as the other way around but this makes more sense. Thank you.

Thanks for the explanation, it was hard for me to link them together because I only started reading Lenin’s definition of imperialism and didn’t see how they were related.

I like the formulation of “capitalist-imperialism”, “slave-state-imperialism”, “mercantile-imperialism”, “feudal-imperialism” to be more specific about the production system.

that’s a good way to tell them apart. It was hard to understand how capitalist-imperialism was related to “imperialism as empire” as @redtea described it.

What is the difference between colonialism and imperialism?
I've briefly read about the definition of imperialism according to Lenin but I'm still a bit fuzzy on the difference between them. edit: thanks to everyone who replied, your answers were helpful and informative.

Any one that would take me but idk if it’s possible because I don’t have any higher education degree (dropped out twice). I’m okay at learning languages but not at staying in school.

being raised by 2 parents isn’t a silver bullet unfortunately. having 2 abusive parents around didn’t do any good for me. they actually have an okay relationship with each other (they’re still together), they’re just not great at being parents. they’re not cartoonishly evil or anything, but that doesn’t mean that they’re overall good.

“I sell my time and skills for money”

“I am not working class”

how about using searx instead? you can choose which search engines it displays results from.

fairemail and k9 are pretty good android clients.

i’ve also recently switched to fedora kde and it’s been a great experience (not so much with wayland because nvidia, i just choose x11 at login screen).

there’s probably people who get paid to write those, so no.

i haven’t heard of that before, i was going to suggest monero. is this service currently functioning?

this is the one I use now after trying out a bunch from fdroid.

I was seeding some torrents from a private tracker therefore I’d like to finish seeding them, otherwise and I could get kicked out,

Seedboxes are your friend.

Also did you end up solving your issue?

Creating a community like r/TransDIY
Would people here be interestsed in this? A big advantage would be listing suppliers openly and no more banning of transmasc HRT discussion. It could also be part of this community if people don't want to make a separate one.