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if this was the case, how can i fix it?, is there any folder where the apks are downloaded?

Why does f-droid use so much space?

So i was checking my storage usage and i realized that f-droid was using 5 GB, i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now it has a normal size, but why does this happen?..

Music player: Metro has great customization, and Vinyl music player has great material design

Writing / Note taking: Simple notes if you are not planning on doing sync, if you want to sync your notes use joplin

Diary app: Simple notes, Easy Diary or Diary

VPN: IVPN, ProtonVPN, Mullvad, and CalyxVPN (RiseupVPN is based on the US, so use at your own risk)

Maps: OsmAnd+ (OpenStreetMap)

Messenger app: Briar (P2P), Conversations (XMPP client with OMEMO encryption), Element (Matrix client), Telegram FOSS (you should only use telegram as an alternative to discord, is not better than whatsapp, because it doesn’t encrypt your messages by default and the server is closed source)

Social Media: Barinsta (Instagram client), KurobaEx (imageboard browser), lemmur (lemmy client), Tusky (Mastodon client), Twire (Twitch client), PixelDroid (PixelFed client), Fedilab (general fediverse client)

PeerTube client: Fedilab, Thorium, and TubeLab

Reminders: there are a lot, but i like Simple notes

or you can use freezer and use deezer for free without ads and in FLAC, and it also has linux support


plus, it’s open source https://git.freezer.life/exttex/freezer

Maybe joplin or signal self-notes

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So what browser can I recommend to someone who doesn’t know much about technology? For example a grandmother or grandfather, brave seemed to be a good choice, but after reading this, I don’t know if it’s a good choice ethically.