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Maybe joplin or signal self-notes

And also, in the private tracker i’m in, they do allow new users to upload

Yes they do, but I figured out how to do it, basically you hit the create torrent button in your torrent client, then you give the address of the file you want to make .torrent and where you want to save the .torrent, then you click on “private torrent” or something like that, and if your tracker has it, you put the announce link, then when you are in the form to upload the torrent to the tracker, the form will ask you what file you want to upload, you choose the .torrent you just created, you fill out the form, and now you should get a page where it gives you a link to download another torrent, that is the one you are going to seed, so do not delete it, when you have already downloaded it, open the .torrent file in your client, and the directory where you are going to download is going to be the directory where the file you want to upload is, when you choose that directory, the client should start verifying the files, and when you finish, press the accept button and that’s it, now you should be seeding, I realized all this in the instructions of another private tracker, I hope someone else will find it useful.

How do i upload to a private tracker?

How do I upload a file (movies, games, etc) to a private tracker, the one I’m on now doesn’t have a guide to upload files and it’s not clear to me what to do…

So what browser can I recommend to someone who doesn’t know much about technology? For example a grandmother or grandfather, brave seemed to be a good choice, but after reading this, I don’t know if it’s a good choice ethically.