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Insurance, especially for rare stuff like 'Your home burned down" is a useful thing. It’s kinda exploititive if multi-million dollar beach rental homes get to cash out frequently while rates for everyone else skyrocket though.

It’s hard to draw a clear line, but I feel like at a certain point beachfront properties will need to kinda be phased out. Would be kinda nice for beaches to be less like amusement parks and more like national parks.

All insurance companies should be member cooperatives or nonprofits, if not just a direct government function.

After banning plastic shopping bags in NJ, I can’t wait for produce bags to go. The amount of random plastic debris has definitely gone down since the ban took affect.

A social space without rules will just develop their own rules.

Anarchy in a nutshell. And I mean that in the most positive way.

I mean, we’ve always been quite cozy with the Saudis…this is not a new thing. Pretty much since its official inception.

The USA (and its military industrial complex) provide full support in exchange for oil, and more importantly, selling oil in USD.

You’ll notice any oil-producer that threatens to sell oil in other currencies tends to become an enemy state pretty fast.

The 7z archive is created new each time. The sensitive data is less than 100 MB so incremental changes are more hassle than they’re worth.

Typical best practice is like 30 days of dailies, 3 months of weeklies, and at least 1 annual in perpetuity.

In practice, I’ll just make sure to have 3 copies.

I firmly believe that marijuana remains illegal Federally primarily because of the devastating hits to opiod usage that would follow full decriminalization.

Gotta make sure the states have onerous legislation in place to insure that only massive corps can fulfill legal requirements…

That’s an odd argument, since there are many things that are allowed for adults and not for kids, and nobody views this as hypocritical.

Howso? If I tell my 5 year old “You can’t play with a tablet at the dinner table” while sitting there staring at my phone, they’re rightfully gonna be pissed at the double standard. “Do as I say, not as I do” is a shit parenting tactic.

Kids have an acute sense of fairness that gets subjugated out of them if you don’t foster it.

Just because it’s legal for me to drink alcohol doesn’t make it less hypocritical to drink one while lecturing about how bad it is for you.

He’s bipolar. It way well seem coherent to him. He’s just got fame and money so can stave off psychiatric wards easier than other bipolar patients who hit mania.

I personally note that if you don’t need incremental point in time backups, but just a current or periodically synchronized redundent copy (most of my stuff), rsync or syncthing are much simpler to setup and use.

Add btrfs snapshotting to the script and you’ve got borg backup with a lot less hassle.

My backup script looks like:

  • Create encrypted 7z archive with sensitive stuff, timestamped filename.
  • Rsync that folder, plus any non-sensitive folders, to an always-on low power server
  • On boot, high-power server (with more redundency) rsyncs with smaller server and pushes backups to cloud provider after.
  • Non-linux devices use pcloud backup, and high power server copies back locally from that periodically,

Save lists of applications

I’ve actively stopped doing this (outside of server configs). If I don’t remember what its called, I’m probably better off not reinstalling it when the time comes.

Key point: “As the sole basis”

So to any fearmongers one would encounter: If the person was already an active suspect and releases a song “How I did it,” that would qualify. Using the song “How I did it” to retroactively build a case would not.

First of all, my sons are fortunate to have parents that rarely use their phones.

This a thousand times. Smartphones are toxic in a way general-purpose computers aren’t, in that they’re attention-grabbing addiction machines. The notification is a curse upon mankind.

I have peers in their mid thirties whom it would be a miricle if they left their phone in their pocket for more than 30 minutes. My average phone screen time per day is < 1.5 hours…lower on weekends surprisingly. And people can’t comprehend how.

It’s simply eliminating all non-critical notifications, uninstalling everything that isn’t a strict need. Yes, I probably browse on Firefox more than I want, but at least I’m not doomscrolling through 3-5 infinite social media feeds for hours on end.

Thing is, it’s not just Whatsapp. It’s literally every single server-based mechanism to exchange data. You have to trust that the server in question wipes logs on the regular and is not under some secret data collection warrant.

And ultimately, anything that you can just sign into another device with and retain your messgae history is not fully e2e encrypted…it means a server holds your encryption key for you.

I recall reading that fast-food places are one of the hardest drivers of industrialized, cheap, unsustainable meat. Banning them from selling it would probably solve a solid chunk of the ‘meat is insanely unsustainable’ problem.

There’s small-scale farms near me that sell whole chickens raised in their fields for $15, which is not that much more than a big-brand whole chicken at a grocer. They eat bugs (reducing pesticide need) and taste better.

Fundementally, yea. Cryptocurrency is really just a public ledger. With enough time and computing power, you can trace every transaction ever made. If you identify a wallet’s owner, you can watch everything they do.

Cryptocurrency is not cash in an envelope.