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  • You keep using the word “murderer” to describe someone who kills another person in a car accident. This is rarely murder. This is almost always manslaughter, even when people were reckless and stupid.

    You seem to be using the word “murderer” because you want to sensationalize things. You’re deliberately using a word more severe than the actual situation warrants because you think you will earn sympathy for your position by being hyperbolic.

    Unfortunately for you, Lemmy et al is generally a community of critical thinkers, and we don’t fall for that shit so easily.

    Justice requires clarity and understanding, and so insisting that anyone who kills someone in a car should be treated as though they did it in purpose absolutely does not serve the interests of justice.

    You’re also never going to win people over with this scorched earth strategy against drunk driving. Over 100 million Americans admit to have driven drunk at least once in their lives. That’s nearly a third of the population. Way too many people empathize with people who have made this very bad decision, and understand that the only difference was whether or not a fatal accident occurred.

    Consequences are deserved, but I don’t see the value is demanding maximum suffering.