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oh please if anything I’m bored, do you think this is the first time ive had any of these discussions? want to circle back to nuclear power I got maybe 0.1% of nuclear power take out back there… tupac, black panthers, bloods and crips, how about suge knight? umm crack cocaine and the CIA? Cointelpro? just things I gossip about when bored I guess, small talk really… I also have to go through this nonsense with hip hop fans, like “guys im actually a communist, I actually know this stuff like the back of my hand, I do communist things all the time please believe me Stalin was not planning to kill all the white people.” lol… Nothing wrong with conspiracy theories, I tell people Reagan invented AIDS and crack all the time, doesn’t mean I believe it.

Good idea start with the wiki page

Curtis Austin states that by late 1968, Black Panther ideology had evolved from black nationalism to become more a “revolutionary internationalist movement”: [The Party] dropped its wholesale attacks against whites and began to emphasize more of a class analysis of society. Its emphasis on Marxist–Leninist doctrine and its repeated espousal of Maoist statements signaled the group’s transition from a revolutionary nationalist to a revolutionary internationalist movement. Every Party member had to study Mao Tse-tung’s “Little Red Book” to advance his or her knowledge of peoples’ struggle and the revolutionary process


There’s nothing wrong with being diagnosed with schizophrenia there’s nothing to be ashamed of, there’s alot of progress with antipsychotic medications and things like electroshock therapy these days

ummm okay do you need me to call 911 for something? do you have like a caretaker or anyone?

never said any of that, is it ableism to point out someone is a delusional schizophrenic in the middle of a psychotic episode? I don’t see how…

you just seem to be hellbent on twisting my words, youre like all angry and raging about yet another thing I never said, so im just gonna ignore you and wait for you to start criticizing the next thing the voices in your head are telling you im saying

ive actually read alot from them, obviously more than you, maybe go back and look at some old news reels of how the black panthers were portrayed in the media

I dont understand why I have to keep repeating the same things over and over. I literally said multiple times I’m fan of his, I’m a fan of rap music, I literally posted a rap video here yesterday …and you’re asking why I’m so angry at the thought that tupac had good ideas… what? i don’t even know what to say…

maybe he was buddhist, he’s never said he was a buddhist …but you know maybe we can make some vague connections about buddhism and some random lyric while ignoring the thousands of hours of christianity

they didn’t promote themselves as maoists especially not at first it was about black liberation, alot of people were surprised to learn including their own members they had such socialist views. The news declared them the black version of the KKK if you recall

thats exactly what this is, its batshit neo nazi style conspiracy theories… I’m being nice because I know you’re all suburban white people who never listen to rap, but push all you want im not budging

has ever said the word communism before? how is this even relatable to what were talking about?

so every single gay rights, womens rights, racial or indigenous theyre all secretly communists trying to take over the world? anyone the KKK calls a communist to you is a communist?.. Huey Newton would be another story, if this was a thread about him I would say yes, because he said words like capitalism and socialism all the time

Martin Luther king also spoke against capitalism? would you also call him a communist?.. there were some billboards in alabama that said that

they are still learning, I thought you’d like to see the segregated ghetto school that failed to teach poor tupac how to read, also known as one of the top public arts schools in America


No the organization was not, you can read alot of bobby seal and cleaver and you can tell they were very outspoken against capitalism and promoted socialism, but the main org was about black liberation. They did not walk around waving hammsick logos calling themselves maoists

I feel like you don’t understand that calling yourself communist is putting yourself on a watchlist in the US. It’s illegal to become a citizen of the US if you’re a communist

no they desperately exaggerated their connections to communism to justify attacking them, as well as everyother black, feminist, gay etc rights group in the world

he bought a book…and even forgot his name… like thats another straw, just grasping for straws… try pretending your j.edgar hoover and trying to have 2pac arrested for being a communist show me some proof even Hoover would accept

you might say this because you see communism as good thing, now say this to Cointelpro

so a band member named mussolini, and a video showing he doesn’t even know how to pronounce stalins name isn’t proof… but saying something vague about rent is? just say you think hes a zombie vampire and quit this bullshit

again tenuous at best, I could easily connect to the bible, or buddhism, I’m sure Osama is no fan of prostitution either

no? how about the hours and hours of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about the freemasons and illuminati that likely inspired his band mate to name himself after mussolini?

again the black panthers were not outright communists… anything about capitalism, references to marx, soviet russia, Mao? anything like that? just the words bourgeoisie or proletariat even once?

how about just a single communist lyric in his entire career, just one time ever… in his whole life… once

you’re aware white people call black people communists just for existing in America, right? thats not a 4 letter word in the black community like it is for white americans.

why would you not trust me? I trust you on weird Japanese guitar solos with no lyrics?

ummm he still knew how to read? 2pac went to school for the arts ffs, and was doing plays and reading hamlet in high school … I’m telling you I’m a tupac fan I know his music, I don’t mean I know one or two songs and kind of like the melodies, I mean have a good 20 or so memorized by heart, Biggie too. I’m telling you he was not a communist, and likely didn’t even know the definition of the word. Maybe you can connect some values of his to communism, like the thousands of references to jesus and the bible that he constantly made? some of those can kind of be connected to communism… probably buddhism too maybe he was a buddhist? maybe thats why the illuminati turned him into a vampire zombie? I’m assuming thats the kind deranged things you actually do believe without a single shred of proof

do you think all black people are illiterate or just rappers? like what even is this shit?

oh boy if you think that’s anti-woman you really don’t want to listen to 2pac, or rap music in general really

that’s not how the burden of proof work, honestly how would I even do that?

never heard of them, and they seem to only be known for hijacking a plane to cuba, they’ve never even released an album… I thought you were gonna say Britney Spears.

Idk what to tell you maybe you can contact zombie vampire Tupac in Cuba and ask him if he read that book on that Russian dude Staylin yet

I know of plenty communist artists who never reference communism

name one

He never expressed bougie capitalist views or pro-western war machine views either you see?

neither did osama? whats your point?

I mean I dont get how you know that all his family where in the panthers

even the black panthers were not an outright communist organization, they started to fight against racism, and police brutality, not too different than the Crips, again many members were not even aware they were affiliated with communists at all… You must be trotskyist because you keep calling the people of the Bronx peasants

again he did not grow up in some revolutionary communist household, tupacs mother left the black panthers and struggled with crack addiction. Tupacs father was in the panthers, but tupac never knew him and his mother lied to him for most of his life about who his father was, and then even lied on his death certificate about it. Tupac had a very strained relationship with his mother to say the least. even this mystery girl he dated wasn’t some confirmed communist revolutionary, she was the daughter of the chairman of the communist party of Maryland. It’s just the most tenuous connections imaginable, I could probably connect Tupac to al queda easier. I should also say, I am a huge tupac fan and know for a fact none of his music references communism. Kanye West has praised communism more in his music, fucking loves Cuba for some reason

Trump suggested that the contents of the leak warranted a complete election re-do or simply a coup in which he would be installed as president.

Personally I hate the name Loab, can someone think of a better one? She's shy but she tries not to be, she seems to think she's ugly and something is wrong with her face. She kind of knows what is wrong with her but her ego wont let her admit it, even quietly to herself. She has a careerist energy but it comes from a place of rebellion against female archetypes based on seemingly unknowable geographic, historic, political, religious, and cultural characteristics to her. She is horribly violent, and fantasizes about committing great violence often. Yet deep down possibly with or without her own awareness she desperately wants to be loved. Not relied upon or used. Not loved unconditionally either, the way a pet or a child would. Not even all that romantic or sexual, more like the quiet love of an almost silent elderly couple reading the Sunday paper or doing the crossword, together in the warm glow of the morning sun. She is jealous of men, but only men she is sexually attracted to. She desires power the way a mother would over her children, in small well defined space but with her loving father coming home to them at the long day. Stuck in limbo so far away from romantic ideas, she only desires to be the older sister, never moving on from her biologic family because she feels deep down that she is horrendously ugly and something uncurbable is horribly wrong with her face.

In 2015, an absolutely horrific video began circulating, which purportedly depicted members of the Azov Battalion crucifying a Russian resident of eastern Ukraine, then setting the cross upon which he was literally and bloodily nailed on fire. Around the same time, another clip – titled “K*kes get the rope” – featuring a hanged pregnant woman and her husband, also proliferated online. It was claimed the pair were Jews who had been lynched by Azov fighters. Multiple Ukrainian and Western government-funded factchecking websites, including the Neo-Nazi sympathizing StopFake, declared the footage to be fraudulent, and did so again in chorus when the gruesome visuals resurfaced widely following February 24. The Azov Battalion has also repeatedly denied that their fighters were responsible for either heinous act, although their defense was not compelling. It was simply claimed that the Azov logo on the murderers’ uniforms was “much larger than it should be.” The testimony of McLellan confirms those videos are very real. He in fact features in the crucifixion footage, and took photos of Tornado fighters posing with the corpses of the hanged couple.

ugh yet another banned reddit alt like my 20th since the ukraine war started
so sick of the ban wave..... literally can't even talk to someone on reddit without them also being banned, had my last alt for like a week and maybe 10 people got permanently suspended literally while I was talking to them, mostly very polite interesting people. one was a super long very calm somewhat humorous debate about WW2 history and just as we start to agree, poof he's banned. I want to give reddit credit and assume it was for something on another sub, but im guessing they just mistook one of his comments about the war as a "call for violence" or some bullshit and banned him. I hate most social media these days, since ukraine. I never really liked reddit but I kinda got into it because of chapo , then I found you guys when they got banned but then you got banned too so wtf... there's not even a new replacement sub, why bother they'd just be banned right? I hate facebook, twitter, imgur, i don't take photos of my lunch so ive never even been on snapchat or instagram. I miss revleft (if anyones old enough to remember them?) I'm just done with reddit any social media you guys can recommend where I dont have to stick to 144 words, or just post photos?