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Why is the community not active?

Turkey community is very active on Reddit. It would be nice to see more posts here if the admin of this community promotes this place on Reddit…

I am still playing. There are many good games in the game library.

I agree with you. While trying to form a sentence, a stress arises like “I wonder if I said something wrong”. I think I will find people on the internet who want to talk to me in English.

My phone is iOS. The language is set to English and I’m trying to use English while using Siri. I used Dualingo for a while, it is also useful.

I usually try to learn English by reading and listening. There are very few people who can speak English in my country, so I can’t practice.

There are not many people in my country who can speak fluent English so it looks like im going to have a hard time

I mix both verb conjugations and sometimes there are mistakes in my pronunciation.

Speak fluent english

I understand English, but I have a hard time talking to someone face to face. Do you have any suggestions on this?..

In the mood for love, Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Ritual(Hideaki Anno)

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I just discovered the album. It seems beautiful…

I follow my favorite sites with Feedbro Reader. Available in Firefox and Chromium based browsers. It is also very simple to use.

I’ve listened to all of their albums over and over. I encouraged many people around me to listen. I am surprised and sad to meet people who know and listen very little in daily life, but whatever.

Thanks. I will watch ^^

I have the same problem