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Self-host means it runs on my, or some other people’s hardware, thus that should be open source. Tutanota is a centralized service. I wouldn’t mind if the server were open-source, would be great, but I don’t require it myself.

What runs on my device is my only concern. Even if they make their server side software open source, nothing guarantees they run that exact code.

Yea, not everyone is on the left and instantly associate the name with critique.

Well they might lose revenue from us, but we consume the same content and with that promote their service. And what could they do? You just spin up an instance on another IP.

Capitalism’s DIY Computer: https://www.raspberrypi.org/ don’t take this comment too seriously

It’s not the virus halting our economy, it’s the government. Scandinavia is still fine, yet they didn’t lockdown stuff.

Like a license will prevent them to do that, a better solution is to not use products that require these resources. Oh wait.

Even if we really need a government, that is not their responsibility.

Missed the opportunity for c/asual

The very idea of the government enforcing this is bad. Private property owners should have the right to decide.

I really like LBRY too, makes it easy for youtube content creators to seamlessly post on both platforms.

I’m against enforcement by the government. Not against the masks.

I don’t even try to do them. Tor is instantly blocked. Don’t use sites that use it.

Possible? Yes. Have I seen any? No. Even the Pinephone has a proprietary modem.

I don’t see a problem with the last paragraph. It works well and not complicated.