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Smiling at the end

This is what hero always do, right?

Ah… What a wonderful experience

Even though I killed many

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Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku New PV

Broadcasting start January 8…

Chainsaw Man New PV

Will air in 2022…

Final Title to be determinated …

In 2014, a newcomer AD Mafuneko (23) joined “Tokyo Hajikko Television” located in a corner of Tokyo. The work of the production bureau, which was assigned to the gorgeous and glittering world with excitement, is a series of sober and mysterious tasks such as “picking up 300 acorns” and "continuing…

Lichess is opensource, so you can just check the source code yourself here: (Also there’s no ads and tracker)

Animation production: Okuruto Noboru. TV anime cast: - Chiaki Kobayashi - Daiki Hamano - Yume Miyamoto - Tomohiro Ono - Satomi Amano Main staff excerpt: - Director: Hirofumi Ogura - Series composition/Script: Kenta Ihara - Character design: Satomi Miyazaki - Music: MICHIRU -…

Emblematic Mayan stela returns to Guatemala

This stela disappeared from the Piedras Negras site in the 1960s. It reappeared in Paris in 2019 during an auction. Thanks to the joint mobilization of Guatemala, France and UNESCO, the sale was suspended and mediation initiated. Ms Aurance opted to voluntarily return the fragment to Guatemala…

From KDE Userbase: Though I don’t know if you disable it whether you can see the log info or not. To find it, just go to the KDE settings and search splash screan and pick ‘none’ instead the default Breeze.

It is not based on one anime though. It is a comedy chibi parody of five isekai series: Re:Zero, Konosuba, Saga of Tanya, Overlord, and Shield Hero (All of them already have an anime).

The machine translation of the introduction from the Official Website:

Music is the light that illuminates the human heart. Suddenly, that light is taken from the world. On the night that the black meteorite “Black Night Meteorite” fell from the sky, the world changed. D2", the monster created from the black meteorite, begins to overrun the land and the people. D2 is attracted to the melody played by people, and soon music itself is forbidden.

But there are those who resist the monster.

They are the Musicats, girls who use music as their power. They carry the scores of the greatest operas and songs in the history of mankind, and use them as their power to defeat D2.

And then there’s the Conductor, who directs and guides them.

The year is 2047, and the war against D2 has devastated America. The conductor “Tact” travels with Musicato “Fate” to New York. In a world where music has been lost, “Tact” craves for music. Musicato “Fate” wants to eradicate D2.

Will the melody created by the two girls and the boy be joy or despair?

So, it is likely that this is a musical action like that, like Revue Starlight or something like that.

The Anime announced alongside Manga and a Game. So it is media mix project. The game itself is still pre-registering on Android here and also in iOS and PC (Steam). The creator is Square-Enix and the Anime is being produced by SILVER LINK.

I don’t know about the sequel as the staff itself didn’t tell that this is the sequel and just tell ‘a new anime project’ for this OAD, even the OAD site is not telling that this is a sequel.