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There should be a rule about promoting lazy white boi djs in here /s The world doesn’t need any more of them :)

Fun DJ enjoying the moment with audience. Nice mix.

tbh if I were you I would just observe people, listen to what they say for some minutes and you will soon realize who can you relate to.

in the other hand, why would you want to wear a symbol (even a discrete one) if that can get you in trouble?

in my opinion, I do prefer to keep my ideas in my brain rather than fashion them in any way and give people nothing to judge me beforehand. not like I care, but I want to be the one to close the doors, not to wear something and get the doors closed in front of me beforehand.

food for thought, sorry for not being so helpful tho.

would it be possible to join now? really interested on it

Barbara Dane - I Hate The Capitalist System
you can look for The Nine Lives of Barbara Dane doc ✨