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You’re not really looking at it from the perspective of a beginner though, are you?

Python is a great language for a beginner. It reads easily (as in, if you’re not familiar with programming syntax, you can still often make out what a program is doing) and you can very quickly get to a level where you can build something interesting. Sure, there are bad parts about Python, I won’t deny that, but I’d argue that most of them are not relevant to a beginner who will try to understand functions and for loops. Throwing a beginner into rust and its ownership system sounds awful.

While I like the idea (and hate Facebook), I don’t really see the purpose of a social media platform where no one I know is on. That’s the major hurdle to tackle for any competitor.

Doesn’t help that it’s really hard to understand (It’s much easier to find information on the federation aspect of it rather than just how to sign up, what the actual platform offers in term of functionality, etc.) and that most of the pod links look mostly like virus links.

Well, gaming is seeing some transition into cloud as well. Of course hardcore gamers will never accept it but “people [who] just check Facebook” might be OK with Stadia/Lunia/GeForce Now