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i swear magacooms are just those who discovered socialism and went oh so how can I exploit workers and get rich off this

Go on then love give my big ol sosages a slobber than God save me

Saw him being praised as a socialist on reddit 🤢

Song is poorly written as far as the almond eyes yellow thighs bit goes but the song is genius, (also i listen to Is this the life we really want album every day)

yeah thats because trade unions centralise working rights and workers and any form of centralisation is bad duh

Like I said I doubt Russians goals with this haven’t been met so literally it can end faster by Russia discontinuing the campaign. Another comment suggested NATO stop funneling weapons and military aid in and also very much that Zelensky could and should surrender. So many ways that it could end tomorrow and every day of this war is as irresponsible as the previous day. War isn’t good and so many people are dying. Nobody is talking about leveling kyiv or kharkiv whatever but what point is the illegitimate Zelensky government going to say alright its done, never because they’re living a fantasy where Ukraine is gonna March on Moscow somehow

Russia is irresponsible for letting it go on this long but the west using this as profit making bonanza and Ukraines elite willing to fight to seemingly the last child is grossly inadequate and I think perhaps Ukraine should be annexed but I doubt Russias goals haven’t been met yet and war is just not good (I know based take but) so a fast solution is better than a good solution

Speechlessness as to how nothing gets done. I get the same way with indigenous deaths in custody here that happen at least once a fortnight. Too many preventable deaths

I don’t think Castro was known for messaging underage teens

When somebody invited nazis (u.s and Israel) to the party (un) so we all have to leave