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I think we need a term for projects that use alt-reich/channer memes in their names and imagery. I suggest “chantech”.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

—President John F. Kennedy, 13 March 1962

I used to have an older-model Pangolin (panp9). It was pretty solid for a rebranded Clevo laptop manufactured in 2012, and when the keyboard and battery turned out to be defective System76 did a good job of setting things right. If I wasn’t happy with my refurbished T60 ThinkPad I’d consider buying a new Pangolin.

My idea of “sufficient penalty for non-compliance” involves rebar. Executives should be impaled for the sort of malfeasance that seems routine for FAANG corporations.

Breaking up Facebook is OK. Dissolving their corporate charter and utterly destroying them would be better.

My wife’s sick tonight, so I’ve been taking care of her.

Been using Slackware lately. 14.2 with all the security packages, and additional software from SlackBuilds.org built with sbopkg.