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Been selfhosting for years and still don’t employ best practices.

The advice is solid. But the order should be ‘version control everything’, ‘automate everything’ and then ‘document everything’ after you did the first two. Config files are way more valuable than wiki entries or blog posts.

I started documenting stuff in zim-wiki.org and on wiki.tilde.fun (project’s Dokuwiki) when I realised I should’ve used Ansible from the get-go. I thought ‘if I version control the dockerfiles and have good docs, I should be fine.’

Sure enough I could admin my shit. But it turns out the docs were incomplete and when a friend of mine joined the admin team, we painfully had to fill in the gaps and migrate every single thing to Ansible. We’re still not done half a year later.

Our goal is that you can shoot the server down, rent a new one, rewire DNS and run Ansible a single time. Everything should be recovered from backups and set up. This will take months to accomplish - if I had used Ansible from day one it’d only take weeks.

It’s less secure than or at most equally secure compared to a diceware passphrase though.

thanks, maybe also add them on Github.

If you have a very resource consuming technology, it’s obvious that less people are going to install it, which is the case of Matrix.

Nobody in the real world cares about resources. I do, but that’s not the reason for people not adopting Matrix. It’s rather silly reasons like “it doesn’t have sticker packs!” or “I don’t understand where I need to create an account and why”.

Yeah I already type that shit ten times a day, I won’t make it use double the time I already waste 😃

Screenshots would be nice.

It’d be nice to have a list of these sites so one can find out who they may want to block. Know any?

Then they should either reduce their dataset and traffic or find a medium sized host. Or use multiple hosts and build a CDN themselves. It’s technically possible, they just don’t seem to have the expertise or the money, because smaller hosts may take more money for such a big deployment.

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technically a sexist slur

Well, a manwh*re is certainly not sexist. It’s a privilege to be one.

Also, some girls (myself included) like to, sometimes, refer to themselves as wh*re. If we want to allow body positivity and self-posted porn on lemmy (which I definitely would allow), this word has to leave the spam filter. This is what admins are for.

Certainly, other (e.g. racist) slurs in the filter can stay, as they’re almost never used out of a harmful context. It’s harmful to free expression if people can just circumvent the filter by doing things like 🅱️igger or using other words like cumslut or cumdumpster.

‘Believe me, there is no back door

why is wh*re a disallowed word here? It’s not really a slur against a minority. We’re all wh*res deep down in our deep, black holes.

Map of Parler image and video metadata

see which of your neighbors is racist. If there are no dots, beware: your neighbors likely use VPN to access Parler ;)…

Per definition, conservatives are the enemies of progress.

I know that, but I never seen any instance of Matrix that’s not matrix.org. Also email is becoming more and more centralized because almost everybody uses Gmail or something else from GAFAM.

I like to quote myself on this one.

That’s not a technical but a social issue though.

Maybe some of them are less reliable than others ;)

how would my brain know who to trust? it even forgets what I wanted to do after I come back from taking a shit.