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As a person who uses Gos on a daily. The updates come through quick, Mac address randomization when connecting to a WiFi network, scrambling your pin, lots of little things add up to a secure OS.

I hear the whole don’t give Google money argument, but the hardware isn’t compromised by the NSA lol.

Its your choice. Go with Xioami if you want like anonymous joker says but they have a lot worse track record for spying on their users than gos .

Sure, I’m happy to accomodate if I can from a technical perspective. Let me know what I can do to assist this via PM or write back here.

I dropped this onto another VPS, great community behind funkwhale. …


I just installed Searx on my vps. Feel free to use it…

Feather: a free Monero desktop wallet

Feather is a free, open-source Monero wallet for Linux, Tails, macOS and Windows. …

I see that hackernews is still publishing clickbait news articles. In other news the world keeps spinning.

Psst for installing the vpn on your own server/vps: https://github.com/angristan/wireguard-install

Again I should note not my service, I just have paid coins to them and it all works.

No, but you could convert your XMR to Bitcoin or Litecoin using something like https://xmr.is :)

Creating a phone verified Google/Gmail might help. https://5sim.net is your friend there. They also do Twitter activation too. it’s all quite cheap :)

I feel this is more the reason to use F-Droid and avoid Google Play store but that’s just me.

Thank you. I needed this service for several things I don’t want to associate real world identity with.

BTC -> XMR changer without KYC !!

I stumbled upon xmr.is I did a small transaction of litecoin to test if legit, and I can happily confirm it is. Not only can you convert BTC to Monero without KYC you can also do some other Altcoins to XMR. Just thought I’d drop it out there for others as I found it useful…

Alternatives to DTMF.io ?

I’m looking to send & receive text messages for my $country and this website looks good but they are completely out of stock. Does anyone know any good alternatives with send and receive?..

I’d prefer to use this than Mozilla storing bookmarks for me.

As an aussie, I support this!!!

dark.fail: Which darknet sites are online?

Anyone use this site often? Why does it say only intended for researchers?..