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This sounds creepy and cool at the same time.

I am not too excited about a chip being implanted in my brain.

It’s okay.

I hope the federation will be improved 👍

Comments not federating?

I have been noticing for the past few days that comments and upvotes are not really federating…

Hmm that is what I thought as well

Very cool.

Could you tell me you how I can use this on windows?


Just create one. I would also like to see a community.

Ok. Yeah, it would be handy to sort toots according to the date.

Is there a way to see my first post on Mastodon?

I want to see the first toot that I posted on Mastodon. Is there any way to do it? …

Relatable. I do this everytime.

Yipee🎉 I am always happy when a new version of lemmy comes out

yeah, I get you but keeping passwords and recovery codes and tokens all together doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

aah ok. How well does the syncthing work for you? Just wondering :-)

This is a good idea. Thank you

Yes, that could be something I can do. Thanks

Where do you store your recovery codes?

I don’t want to store all my eggs in one basket. Already use a password manager but don’t want to store it there. …

Some of the instances - https://cinny.envs.net

Non programmers of Lemmy, how do you contribute to open source software?

I help in translation, editing documentation and fixing typos. …

Piped is an open source frontend for youtube. …


Is DNS over HTTPS really private and secure?

So, I read some articles on DOH and looks like the whole thing is a myth and doesn’t really help in enhancing user privacy and security. Even if the DNS requests are encrypted, the ISP will still be able to track you…