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Yaay. Yesterday the team released a new version with some improvements and features.

• Prettify pattern lines drawing (also fixes crash on some older devices) • Updated Place Page style • Icons for information=board/map • Fixed categories search with stop words • Show "Opens in"/"Closes in" in search results • Made all existing sports searchable • amenity=parking can be added on the map via Editor • Fixed place=square visibility at 16+ zoom level • Improved pt-BR, es, it, fr, and eu, enabled Marathi translations See organicmaps.app/news for more details in the previous update. See more details on our website when apps are published.

- New OSM data as of June 13, 2022 - Cross-region and other routing fixes - Nicer fences, city walls, paths/tracks, waterfalls, fountains & drinking_water - Added icons for guidepost, plaque, bicycle rental - Typing category like "food" in the search also matches features' names - Added cliffs, embankments, bicycle repair stations, graves, water tunnels, craft=* - Road shields for Cyprus - Better displaying of the next turn street - Added Marathi localization - Logs fallback to internal storage **The update will be available on the play store and f-droid after a few days**

btw here is the link. You probably already installed the new version. I forgot about it.


It will take a few days. I will post on this sub when the update is available.

Meet the May Organic Maps update! Here is the changelog: All platforms: * New OSM data as of May 15, 2022 * Improved car and pedestrian directions * Improved cross-region routing * Fixed some pedestrian/bike/car routing issues * Some performance optimizations * Fixed some translations * Added Marathi language * Added Devanagari font Android: * Allow using emulated storage for downloads * Fixed GPS search on start * Fixed accidental position jumps near WiFi iOS: * Fixed low memory crash for car routing * Fixed opening non-ASCII URLs and URLs without http(s) Note that the FDroid version is still not published, we're working on it.

Good news for the open source community? I don’t think so. The server side is not open source only the client side is. End to end encryption is also not enabled by default for messages.

A new April update of Organic Maps is live in all stores! Here is the changelog: * Updated OSM maps data as of April 15, 2022 * Experimental Wikipedia articles everywhere * Improved car route directions * Some speed and battery optimizations * Many routing improvements * Fixed subway routing in some cities * Added Euskara (Basque) translations * Improved Italian and DE translations * More often oneway arrows * Removed town halls and gardens from sightseeing * Get phone from "mobile" OSM tag * Add more vending\_machine types * Added landuse=education * Fixed school and kindergarten area priorities and fills * Fixed Recycling category search * Fixed Internet access displaying * Fixed descriptions serialization in the edits.xml * Fixed text heights rendering * Follow our news in "?" Android * Show SD card even if there is not enough space on it * Fixed check for free space when updating maps * Fixed annoying "location disabled" dialog * FDroid users now can update World files * Fixed button to view search results on a map on Android 8 and lower * Fixed menu colors and the refreshed navigation menu * editor.config can be overrided (if you have root) * Added matrix, email, OSM links * Don't mirror the next turn sign in the LTR layout * Fixed RTL zoom buttons covered by Search and Bookmarks in Routing mode Desktop (yes, Organic Maps can run on Mac and Linux, Windows is almost ready too) * Improved Routing settings dialog * Flathub, AppStream, Repology support * Improved selection toolbar layout * Use XDG path for settings

The local timeline has been added in the new release of the app.

- New OSM data as of April 15, 2022 - Fixed annoying "Location is Disabled" - Show search results on map works! - Experimental Wikipedia articles everywhere - Improved car directions - Speed and battery optimizations - Routing improvements - Fixed subway in some cities - Added Euskara (Basque) translations - Improved Italian and German translations - Fixed menu colors and refreshed navigation menu - Added news, matrix, email, OSM links - RTL layout fixes The full changelog: organicmaps.app See more details on our website when apps are published.

I use Bitwarden. It is easy and simple to use.

In my opinion, students should be forced to wear uniforms as there will be many kids who are not able to afford good clothing. Many students will make fun and tease them if they wear the same clothes or not well clothes.

If everyone wears uniform, then there will be no such discrimination.

Can't the Lemmy PWA be published to the play Store?
I think it is a good idea to publish the lemmy web app to the play store. I think it is possible, for example there is a lite version of Google Maps on the play store which is just a web app. Reference https://developers.google.com/codelabs/pwa-in-play#0

I don’t read a lot of poems . But I like the Road not taken by Robert Frost.

Is that a handheld gaming console?

I don't get this whole thing about liminal space and backrooms
I watched a couple of videos on this and the backrooms, mostly the videos by Mutahar. I don't find it creepy for some reason. But a lot of users really love these types of things. I just find it boring. I don't understand what is the big deal about this. Just sharing my thoughts.

The only way I know is to update the app. But the developers are working on a way to update the map to without having to install a new version of the app.

There are videos on Odysee which have different qualities. It’s mostly only for popular channels. For eg SomeOrdinaryGamers, his videos have the quality selector.

I think a video has to have certain number of views to get transcoded into other resolutions.

Aah these are German Windows?

Ai can generate the faces of people that don’t exist.

It creeps me out

Nice photo. That is a husky, right?

why not open an issue on their github page?